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Welcome to the Americans with Disability Act Home Page for the City of Clearwater

The Americans with Disability Act, or ADA, guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment and transportation, state and local government services and telecommunications. The City of Clearwater does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, and disabled status in employment or the provision of city services.

Disabled persons can enjoy Clearwater with more ease, thanks to Clearwater’s continuing efforts to make the city and its attractions accessible to everyone. Ensuring compliance with ADA requirements, curb ramps have been installed throughout the city, making city sidewalks wheelchair accessible.

See how Clearwater helps improve accessibility for its disabled residents and visitors:

Beach/Sand Wheelchairs
Image Beach Sand Chair - Click to Enlarge Sand wheelchairs are available free of charge from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. from March 1 to Labor Day. After Labor Day through the end of February, sand wheelchairs are available from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day. Patrons can borrow one from the Beach Lifeguard building located on the south end of the Pier 60 parking lot. Please call 462-6963 for additional information.

City Aquatic Facilities
Clearwater’s aquatic facilities are ADA compliant. The Long Center training pool, North Greenwood pool, Ross Norton pool, and Clearwater Beach pool all have wheelchair ramps. The Long Center main pool and Morningside pool have lifts. The Long Center pool is open year-round; the other pools are open seasonally.

Clearwater Community Sailing Center
Lifts are available at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center out on the floating docks, along with appropriate ramps, restrooms on both floors and an elevator to service to the second floor. The facility currently is undergoing improvements to become an official Paralympics Training Facility for sailing, one of few in the nation.

Clearwater Harbor Marina
Image of the Drew Street Dock Building - Click to Enlarge During construction of the Downtown Boat Slips (now called the Clearwater Harbor Marina), the city worked with the Engineering Department on the design and approaches to both the water and shore side. The uplands were completely regraded to assure an appropriate slope for ADA access to the Dock Master building and ADA-accessible tenant locker rooms. Access to the boating docks was also transitioned with appropriate landings and ramps to access the floating docks and signage to reach the Dock Master in the office or cell phone if any assistance is needed with the gates or if the ADA “Man Rated” hoist is needed to lift an individual on or off their vessel, with locations for the lift in both the South Basin and North Basin of the Clearwater Harbor Marina.

Clearwater Beach Marina
The Beach Marina building is in the process of being remodeled and will go from having a chairlift to the second floor to having a three-story elevator in the Central Lobby for access to the new Marina Cantina Restaurant with service on both the second floor and marina rooftop. The Beach Marina has the same lift system for assisting people as needed for vessel access located at the Beach Marina fuel dock.

Guide Dogs & Guide Dogs-in-Training
Guide dogs and guide dogs-in-training are permitted entrance into all city events, public meetings, facilities, and buildings.

Image of Guide Dog - Click to Enlarge

Handicap Parking
Valid handicap parking permits and/or license tags must be properly displayed and only used when the vehicle is transporting the person to whom the displayed permit is issued. If the permit holder is not exiting the vehicle, then the permit may not be used.

Regarding off-street metered parking lots, a handicap permit is valid at any metered parking space without any time restrictions regardless of the time limit on the meter. The only exception is when the spaces are posted with a time restriction for Handicap Parking (i.e., Marina Parking). F.S. 316.1964(2). All other rules of the spaces and lots must be followed (i.e., no parking after 10 p.m.)

Regarding on-street metered parking, a handicap permit is valid at any metered parking space located on-street with a four-hour time limit, regardless of the posted or meter time limit. F.S. 316.1964(5).

Regarding cashier-operated parking lots and garages, a valid handicap permit or tag does NOT exempt the driver from paying all parking fees in any cashier-operated parking facility (i.e., surface lot or parking garage), unless the vehicle is equipped with specialized equipment, such as ramps, lifts, or foot- or hand-controls OR if the vehicle is properly displaying the Florida Toll Exemption permit. In either of these two cases, the vehicle would be exempt from paying parking fees. F.S. 316.1964(8).

For additional handicap parking rules including Dos and Don’ts of using a disabled parking permit, visit

Never Say Never Pirate Camp
Never Say Never Pirate Camp is hosted each year for 20 amputee children and their families at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center. The camp serves as an introduction to sailing and provides certified sailing instruction, water sports, hands-on activities, featured guests, regatta races, and more. The annual event is hosted by the Never Say Never Foundation of Lakeland and the Pirates of the Care Free Being at Arms. For information or to sign up, visit

Sailability of Greater Tampa Bay
This Clearwater-based organization offers classes, clinics in racing regattas, and seeks volunteers to assist in their mission providing affordable and accessible sailing activities and education to children and adults of all abilities. Call 489-9468 or visit

Solid Waste Special Pick-ups for Qualified Elderly/Disabled Residents
The Solid Waste/General Services Department offers special pick-up services for qualified elderly or disabled residents. For more information, call 562-4920.

Sunshine Limitless Playground at the Long Center
Image of Limitless Playground - Click to Enlarge The playground is a state-of-the-art facility that benefits both persons with and without disabilities by providing opportunities for users to play together side-by-side. Seventy-percent of the activities can be used by people with physical disabilities without having to leave support equipment behind. Playground equipment has been designed to be sensory-rich so people with developmental and sensory disabilities can actively, safely and enjoyably participate with their peers without disabilities.

PSTA Bus System. Per the Federal Transit Act, the Disabled Special Citizen Program allows eligible individuals to ride regular PSTA bus routes for a reduced fare with a Special Citizen Photo ID Card. For more information, call 540-1900 or visit Hearing impaired may call 540-0603 for TDD. All buses are wheelchair-accessible.

Jolley Trolley. The North Coastal Route goes from Clearwater Beach and Safety Harbor to Tarpon Springs. Riders with disabilities may qualify for reduced fares. All Jolley Trolleys are wheelchair accessible. Call 445-1200 or visit

Additional Resources
City of Clearwater Title VI/Nondiscrimination Policy and Plan for Sub-Recipients in the Local Agency Program (LAP)
211 Tampa Bay Cares 2-1-1,
Family Center on Deafness 399-9983
Disability Achievement Center 539-7550
Disabled Parking Permits (County) 464-7777
Family Network on Disabilities 523-1103,
Florida Division of Blind Services (813) 871-7190,
Lighthouse of Pinellas 544-4433,
Never Say Never Foundation (amputee children) (352) 502-0379