See It, Learn It, Do It

Saturday, September 20, 2014, 12-4 pm

1st Annual See It, Learn It, Do It


Check out the See It, Learn It, Do It program schedule.


Clearwater Main Library
100 N. Osceola Ave
Clearwater, FL 33755
Learning experiences and demos will take place on all fours floors of the Main Library, including the rooftop.


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How much?

See It, Learn It, Do It is a FREE library program.

Current Lineup

  • ★ Seashell Identification
  • ★ How to Use a Telescope
  • ★ What is a rook?
  • ★ How to Tie Knots
  • ★ Raising Urban Chickens
  • ★ Hula Dancing Demo
  • ★ Saving & Investing
  • ★ Snap the Perfect Photo
  • ★ Chain Crochet
  • ★ Zombify Yourself
  • ★ Golf Demos
  • ★ Change a Bike Tire
  • ★ Magic Demo
  • ★ Dog Yoga with the SPCA
  • ★ French Braiding
  • ★ E-Readers
  • ★ Start a Family Tree
  • ★ Friendship Bracelets
  • ★ Scrapbooking
  • ★ Table Top Games
  • ★ How to Tie Knots
  • ★ Animal Footprints
  • ★ How to Bake Bread
  • ★ What Can I Recycle?
  • ★ How to Adopt a Pet
  • & Much, Much More...

Questions & Answers for Volunteers

What is See It, Learn It, Do It?
This is a library wide community learning experience where people of all ages are welcome to view demonstrations and participate in fun activities. Examples include: "learn how to tie a bow tie" and "how to cook the perfect omelet."
When, where, and what time will this program be held?
Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at the Clearwater Main Library from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
How long am I required to participate? Can I stay for the whole time?
We suggest a minimum of one hour for volunteering so guests have an opportunity to visit your demonstration. You are welcome to volunteer for more than an hour, or the entire day. When you register, please let someone know how long you wish to participate.
What will be provided? Is the library able to help with supplies?
The library will provide:
  • Promotional flyers for you to pass out in advance
  • Space at the event
  • Use of chairs and a 6 foot table, either 18 or 30 inches wide
  • Plastic table cloths (you may substitute your own if you prefer)
  • Electricity if needed (outlets are limited, so please let us know in advance)
  • Signage and assistance with hanging banners
  • Volunteers to assist with your demonstration (volunteers are limited, so please request asap)
If there are additional materials that you wish the library to supply, let us know in advance and we will review your request. Approval will be based on budget and the number of requests we receive. All items purchased by the Clearwater Library remain the property of the library after the event has ended.
I would like to host a cooking demo, can I use gas or flame?
Unfortunately, due to the City's fire code, no gas or flame can be permitted inside the library. All cooking devices (including grills, stoves, heaters) must be electric. Please let us know if you will be using electric appliances so we can place you near an outlet.
Can I bring animals to this event?
Animals that are a part of your demonstration are welcome. They must have proper restraints, be non-aggressive, and be trained or docile. Exotic animals can be displayed only with a permit, unless you are affiliated with an organization. Please remember to provide a safe place, either crate or container, where your animal can be placed in order to rest and take a break from the crowd.