ParkMobile Resident Discount Program

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Proof of Residency Process

ParkMobile has agreed to waive the transaction fees ($0.35) for qualifying City of Clearwater residents. In order to enjoy the transaction fee waiver, residents will need to register at:

City of Clearwater
Parking System Administration Office
100 South Myrtle Avenue
2nd Floor, Suite 220
Clearwater, Florida 33756

and provide the following information:

  1. Florida Vehicle Registration for each vehicle;
  2. Florida Driver’s License with your current address;

and two (2) of any of the following documents:

  1. A current voter’s identification card showing the "CITY" as "CW". This indicates it is an address within the incorporated boundaries of the City of Clearwater. If the section marked "CITY" has an "X" or other letters, then it is a non-resident address;
  2. Any utility bill less than 30 days old that shows your name and a City of Clearwater address as the service address. "Utility" includes electric, telephone, water, or cable bills;
  3. A current tax bill (or notice) in your name showing a City of Clearwater address;
  4. A notarized or registered deedmortgage or lease showing your name as the owner or occupant at that City of Clearwater address;
  5. notarized statement from an adult relative that you are a full time resident in their home and any other two proofs from above showing that their home is in the City of Clearwater;
  6. Mail with postmark less than 30 days old, showing a City of Clearwater address.

It is your responsibility to prove you are a permanent resident or the owner of real property within the incorporated boundaries of the City of Clearwater. Transaction fee waivers will be valid for one year at which time Parkmobile will review your account and confirm your continued residency.

Note: Internet/Electronic bills are NOT acceptable proof of residence.

For more information please call (727) 562-4704.