Penny for Pinellas

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Since its inception in 1990, the Penny for Pinellas tax has provided nearly $21 million for roadway improvements, and more than $2 million to make sidewalks more pedestrian friendly in Clearwater. The one-percent sales tax has also played a major role in helping fund neighborhood and citywide infrastructure improvements, public safety, helping purchase vehicles and apparatus for Clearwater’s police and fire departments. Beach Walk, four fire stations, the Memorial Causeway Bridge, the Bayside Bridge and more have also been funded by Penny for Pinellas dollars. In November Pinellas County voters will get a chance to vote whether to extend Penny for Pinellas a fourth time.

The Penny for Pinellas tax is a one-percent sales tax surcharge on taxable commodities sold in Pinellas County, dedicated to capital improvement projects such as roads, bridges, stormwater improvements, facilities, public safety, parks and more. These improvements help enhance the quality of life not only in Pinellas County, but right here in Clearwater. Criminal courts and jail facilities receive 10 percent of the funds, which help make up the 52 percent that goes to the county. The other 48 percent goes to the county’s 24 municipalities. Since Penny for Pinellas is a sales tax, approximately one-third of Penny for Pinellas funds is paid for by tourists and seasonal residents. 

Find out more about how Penny for Pinellas benefits Clearwater, and see the proposed project list if Penny is extended again for 2020-2030 - Click here for city of Clearwater Proposed Project List.

To help citizens make an informed decision on the Penny renewal referendum, the county has launched a newly-updated website featuring an interactive map focused on future projects proposed by the county and 24 cities.

The map can be accessed by visiting The website also includes frequently asked questions, budget information and examples of projects supported by the Penny over the past three decades.

Pinellas County staff is also available to discuss the Penny with community groups through the county Speakers Bureau. To schedule a presentation, call (727) 464-4600 or visit




Some of the major city of Clearwater projects that have been partially funded by Penny for Pinellas:

Memorial Causeway Bridge
Clearwater Main Fire Station
Storm Water and Infrastructure Upgrades
Drew Street Widening

Police Vehicles
Downtown Streetscaping
Beach Walk on Clearwater Beach

Ross Norton Recreation and Aquatics Complex


North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatics Complex

Countryside Library

Some other projects planned for the remainder of the current ten-year cycle include:

Countryside Fire Station #50:

Morningside Recreation Center Replacement:


Crest Lake Park Improvements: