Developers and Contractors

Funding Programs for Multi-Family Homes

Grants, deferred loans, and low-interest loans may be made available to developers and contractors for desired projects that meet certain requirements for tenant or homeowner affordability. Funding received from US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other sources may be available to support land acquisition, construction, and/or rehabilitation of a variety of housing types including, but not limited to, single-family and multi-family Affordable and Workforce housing, mixed-income housing (which may include market-rate units), and mixed-use projects (that include desired commercial or retail uses).

Federal funding is available through the City from the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development for qualifying projects in the form of Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership programs and from the State of Florida in the form of State Housing Initiatives Partnership program funding. These funds, along with various incentives are primarily targeted towards residential projects at “Affordable” levels; however, limited funding and incentives are available for “Workforce” housing as well.

Pinellas County has similar funding streams available as well as Penny for Pinellas (“Penny”) monies funded by a voter-approved 1% sales tax. Penny funds may be used for land acquisition or for capital projects associated with the development, construction, and major rehabilitation of housing units affordable to the local workforce. The City and County work closely to identify and cooperatively fund projects that have meaningful impacts in our community.

A note about Affordable and Workforce Housing income limits: The City generally considers residential projects designed to support households earning less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) as “Affordable” and projects serving households earning between 80% AMI and 120% AMI as “Workforce.” Click HERE for the current chart of AMI levels.

The city of Clearwater is committed to the availability of decent, affordable housing for all Clearwater residents. If you are interested in learning more about funding and/or incentives available for Affordable and Workforce housing projects or for market rate projects targeting the City’s middle- to lower-income residents, contact Chuck Lane at (727) 562-4023.

Developer Incentive Programs

Local Housing Incentive Strategy

The city of Clearwater’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) convenes annually for a series of meetings to explore ways to incentivize development of affordable housing in Clearwater. The AHAC reviews policies and procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, the City’s adopted comprehensive plan and anything else that might impact the cost to develop housing that is affordable to Clearwater’s middle- and lower-income residents. The AHAC recommends specific actions or initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing while protecting the ability of the property to appreciate in value. The AHAC’s input is the basis for annually updating the City’s Local Housing Incentive Strategy (LHIS). Click HERE(PDF, 1MB) to view the LHIS following the 2020 update. The document is expected to be updated in December 2021 following the efforts of the 2021 AHAC.

Brownfields Program

The city of Clearwater has one of the most successful Brownfields Programs in the state of Florida. Since 1996, the city of Clearwater has been awarded seven US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield grants resulting in 73 assessments and 17 cleanups with 88 acres ready for reuse. Click HERE to learn more about the city's Brownfields Program.

Contractor Opportunities

The city of Clearwater Housing Division manages two programs that call for construction industry contractors. Please contact us if you are a licensed contractor with a State of Florida and a Pinellas County construction license, and would like to be notified of bid opportunities.

The City’s Home Rehabilitation Program provides loans to homeowners to make needed repairs to their homes. If you are interested in contractual work under this program, please contact Terry Malcolm-Smith at (727) 562-4036.

The City also provides grants to non-profit service providers for improvements to facilities that support public services. If you are interested in contractual work for public facility improvement projects, please contact Gabe Parra at (727) 562-4047.

Women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses are encouraged to submit bids under these construction programs.

City Owned Land for Affordable Housing

The city of Clearwater is required by Florida Statutes to maintain a list of city-owned properties that may be available for development of affordable housing. The following list was established in June 2019, and is updated every three years.

In FY2021-22, city staff will evaluate all properties owned by the city and CRA to determine which properties should be included in an updated list. The updated list will be established no later than June 30, 2022.

CLICK HERE(PDF, 6MB) to view properties.

Single-Family Lot Disposition Program

Clearwater's City Charter allows City Council to donate or sell for less than fair market value, city-owned property for development of affordable housing.

The city of Clearwater’s Single-Family Home Lot Disposition Program establishes a competitive and transparent process for the transfer of vacant lots to affordable housing developers for construction of single-family homes to be sold to income qualifying buyers.

Developers interested in participating in this program, can review procedure and scoring criteria here(PDF, 235KB). View a list of city-owned properties that may be available for development of affordable housing here(PDF, 6MB). If you are interested in participating in this program, contact Chuck Lane at (727) 562-4023, or by email here.