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Clearwater Gas System Observes Public Natural Gas Week

Post Date:09/28/2017 5:10 PM

For Immediate Release
Sept. 28, 2017

Clearwater Gas System Observes Public Natural Gas Week

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Clearwater Gas System will observe Public Natural Gas Week from Oct. 1-7. During this week-long observance, communities such as Clearwater give recognition to one of their most valuable community assets, their publicly-owned natural gas utility. Clearwater Gas System is dedicating this week to informing residents about the benefits of having a public natural gas utility in addition to promoting the overall benefits of natural gas for fuel and energy needs. There are approximately 1,000 public natural gas utilities in the United States. Most are small, comprised of a few hundred to a few thousand customers. Despite their size, they have a huge impact on the communities they serve by providing an irreplaceable function of offering clean, affordable and efficient natural gas.

Clearwater Gas System customers recognize the need to access reliable energy, and having a local public natural gas utility is the best way to do that. There are many other benefits to having a public natural gas utility:

  • Public natural gas utilities are directly accountable to the citizens they serve, and decisions regarding their energy needs are made locally through citizen participation instead of being made outside of the community.
  • Public natural gas utilities are locally-controlled operations and ensure that rates remain competitive and affordable, which is especially reassuring as energy and fuel prices continue to rise and affect your family‚Äôs bottom line.
  • Public natural gas utilities can play a valuable role in helping broaden our tax base and help local dollars stay at home. Clearwater Gas System also works with local financial institutions and purchases from local businesses, which in turn improves the local economy and creates jobs.

Clearwater Gas System is here for the Clearwater community and invites you to learn more about the services it provides. Visit or find us on Facebook for a detailed overview of how gas energy is used in homes, businesses and for local transportation use.

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