Our Water

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Over the years, the city’s utility professionals have dedicated themselves to producing drinking water that meets all state and federal standards. The city continually strives to adopt new methods for delivering the best quality drinking water to your homes and businesses.

As new challenges to drinking water safety emerge, the city remains vigilant in meeting the goals of source water protection, water conservation, and community education while continuing to serve the needs of all water users.

Our Supply

City of Clearwater residents use approximately 11.2 million gallons of potable water every day. Approximately 80 percent is pumped from city-owned and operated groundwater wells. The remaining daily demand is supplied by water purchased from Pinellas County Utilities.

The groundwater source for Clearwater comes from a groundwater supply called the Floridan Aquifer. This aquifer is one of the major sources of groundwater in the United States and underlies all of Florida, southern Georgia, and small parts of adjacent Alabama and South Carolina.

Utility Bill Payments

Payment for water bills can be made at the city of Clearwater's Utility Customer Service located at 100 S. Myrtle Ave. from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are many ways to pay your utility bill. Call (727) 562-4600 with questions.