Strategic Vision

Clearwater Strategic Planning Process

The city of Clearwater is undertaking a six-month process to work with residents to develop a vision for the future of Clearwater, and a strategic plan to make that vision a reality.

For more information on the strategic planning process, contact Public Communications at (727) 562-4682.

Strategic Direction


Clearwater will be a uniquely beautiful and vibrant community:

  • that is socially and economically diverse;
  • that invests for the future; and
  • that is a wonderful place to live, learn, work, visit, and play


The Mission of the City of Clearwater is to:

  • Provide cost effective municipal services and
  • Facilitate development
  • To support a high quality of life and experience.

Strategic Direction

Facilitate Development of the Economy:

Diversify the Economic Base

  • Develop downtown and US 19 N
  • Encourage housing that matches community needs - across a range of values
  • Expand tax base to reduce reliance on residential taxes
  • Fulfill Beach By Design
  • Maintain tourism commitment, including sports tourism

Increase Economic Opportunity

  • Foster industry sectors identified in the Economic Development Plan:
    • Technology District
    • Medical District
  • Continue building a business friendly environment
  • Recognize the value of transit oriented development

Develop and Promote our Brand

  • Engage neighborhoods and the business community to:
    • Create our economic development identity
    • Communicate that identity effectively
  • Ensure that our residents and visitors are familiar with the whole offering of community amenities

Foster Community Engagement

  • Encourage neighborhood identity programs
  • Prevent blight and support property values through Code Enforcement
  • Preserve community history and culture
  • Support community events
  • Support Pinellas County Healthy Communities initiative

Provide Cost Effective Municipal Services and Infrastructure:


  • Optimize use of employees, assets, and resources
  • Encourage teamwork across departments to ensure focus on Strategic Direction
  • Access public-private organizations and resources when appropriate


  • Proactively maintain and reinvest in our infrastructure
  • Continuously measure and improve our performance

Financial Responsibility

  • Continue responsible financial management
  • Evaluate additional funding options when appropriate
  • Set priorities and spend money aligned with Strategic Direction


  • Reinforce standing as a safe community, especially with visitors
  • Continue neighborhood policing
  • Ensure timely emergency preparation, response, and recovery