Join a City Board


Step 1.Determine which board you want to serve on

  • Airpark Advisory Board
  • Brownfields Advisory Board
  • Building/Flood Board of Adjustment and Appeals
  • Civil Service Board
  • Clearwater Housing Authority
  • Community Development Board
  • Environmental Advisory Board
  • Library Board
  • Marine Advisory Board
  • Municipal Code Enforcement Board
  • Neighborhood and Affordable Housing Advisory Board
  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Pension Advisory Committee
  • Nuisance Abatement Board
  • Parks & Recreation Board
  • Public Art & Design Advisory Board
  • Sister Cities Advisory Board

Step 2.Check your eligibility

To qualify for a position on a city board, applicants must:

  • Have relevant expertise to help accomplish a board's objective
  • Attend scheduled meetings

Step 3.Check current vacancies

While you're welcome to apply at any time, applications are only considered when there is a vacancy on a board or commission. Vacancies occur throughout the year. Call the City Clerk's office at (727) 562-4090 to inquire about vacancies.

Step 4.Attend meetings

You're welcome to attend any public meeting of a board or commission to familiarize yourself with its duties and members. Check the calendar to view this week's meetings. You can also view the full schedule of board meetings.

Step 5.Apply

Some boards may have more requirements than others. We encourage you to apply for all the boards that interest you. Visit the link below and click on "Apply" on the right hand side of the page.

Apply to Serve on a City Advisory Board

Step 6.We'll Review Your Request

The Clearwater City Council reviews all applications for city advisory boards for prospective appointees. The Clearwater City Council will appoint or reappoint board members by majority vote. This process can take some time.  

Keep in mind:

  • Your application is reviewed when we receive it.
  • Appointments are only considered when there is an opening on a city board.
  • Appointments are not official until they are confirmed by City Council.