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Services and Policies

City Geography/Topography

Information relating to geography and topography of the City's land form and utility infrastructure system can be obtained from Engineering Department, (727) 562-4750.

Environmental Education

Environmental and Public Information Programs are available to the public. Call (727) 562-4750 for more information.

Environmental Regulations

  • Wellhead Protection
  • Stormwater Quality Treatment
  • Wetland Conservation and Protection

For questions about environmental regulations, please call (727) 562-4750.

Field Engineering - Surveying Function

  • Gathering of field information of topography and infrastructure systems
  • Field layout and alignment for construction of capital improvements
  • Location of rights-of-way

Parking System

Engineering is responsible for the operation, maintenance and revenue collection for the city's parking garages, lots and meters. Revenues from the Parking System approach two million dollars each year.

Planning/Operation of Roads

Every year Clearwater budgets for road planning and operations to provide maximum benefits and convenience to the public.

Traffic Field Operations

Engineering is responsible for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of all traffic signals, pavement markings and traffic signs within Clearwater.

Facts and Figures:

  • 145 traffic signal installations
  • 100,000 traffic signs
  • 26 flashing beacons
  • 20 school signals

Watershed Management

Watershed Management assesses surface water quality conditions throughout Clearwater and will collect water data when public health, safety or other water related issues require water sampling. For more information, please call (727) 562-4750.