Civil Engineering

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The city's Civil Engineering team is responsible for engineering design including management of engineering and architectural consultant contracts, landscape architecture, project bidding, contract award, construction inspection, administration of materials management and site clean-up projects, management of the plan review process and real estate services including right-of-way acquisition.

Construction Management

The Construction Management division provides construction, project management and inspection services. This includes verification that projects meet city requirements and are in accordance with approved plans. The project management function includes preparation of monthly pay estimates and contract administration. The department provides guidance and direction to contractors on a daily basis.

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering section of the Engineering Department oversees the protection and maintenance of Clearwater's surface water and natural resources. Programs consist of the planning, design, and review of projects for water quality improvement, habitat restoration and enhancement, erosion and sedimentation control and to meet city, State and Federal levels of service. The section seeks alternate funding for projects, administers the National Pollutant Discharge & Elimination System municipal permit program, reviews site plans, and acquires any state mandated environmental permits. Providing assistance related to hazardous waste management, pollutant storage tanks and related State and Federal reporting requirements is also an integral part of services provided by this section.

Utility Engineering

The Utility Engineering Division is responsible for managing all city utility related projects. These projects include all improvements to the sanitary sewer, potable water and reclaimed water systems as well as to the water treatment plants and water reclamation facilities. This division works closely with the Public Utilities Department to ensure that the residents of Clearwater are provided with safe and consistent utility services.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is responsible for landscape project management, design and coordination for all city projects. These services include site evaluations, design, permitting, contract administration and inspection services related to landscaping and urban trees on or adjacent to city projects sites and rights-of-way.

This section acts as a liaison with FDOT, Pinellas County and other local and private sector entities on landscaping and related issues. This team also assists Clearwater residents, businesses and private organizations on landscaping and related issues.

Geographic Technology

The Geographic Technology Division is responsible for project surveying, drafting, GIS, maintaining infrastructure atlases and provides mapping support for multiple city departments.

Land Development 

The Land Development group performs engineering reviews of proposed development projects and building permits, and the team facilitates permits for activities within city rights-of-way:

  • Residential permits for fences, swimming pools, pool enclosures and driveways
  • Right-of-way permits
  • Sanitary sewer connections and impact fees
  • Street and easement vacations
  • Water assessments and impact fees

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