Frequently Asked Questions

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  • A construction project is ongoing in my neighborhood. Who can tell me if this a city project?

    First, you may check out our projects webpage to see if it is listed there. If it is not, contact the city's Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750, or visit the Municipal Services Building, 100 South Myrtle Ave. If the construction is a city project, you will be placed in contact with a city project representative for further information.
  • What are the services/responsibilities of the city's Engineering Department?

    The Engineering Department constructs, operates, maintains, engineers, manages and/or administers the city's streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, signs, parking garages, parking lots, bridges, docks, seawalls, wastewater treatment plants and provides engineering services to other city departments to maintain stormwater, potable water, reclaimed water, sanitary sewers and other facilities. Department functions also include the regulation of public and private development and the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.
  • Can I place a fence or plantings within easements?

    Yes. The construction of a fence will require a city building permit. Contact the Planning & Development Department at (727) 562-4567, for more information. Plantings can be placed within the easement. The city should be consulted prior to the planting of trees in easements to prevent tree roots from damaging existing utilities. For information on what city utility (sanitary sewer, stormwater, sewer, water, reclaimed or gas pipes) may be in an easement, contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750. Note: Anything placed in the easement may need to be removed to maintain or install utilities.

  • Where is my property line in relationship to the street?

    The location of property lines varies depending on what subdivision you are in. For an exact determination, you will have to obtain the services of a local land surveyor. In a neighborhood with sidewalks, a rough location of your property line is 1 foot behind the sidewalk away from the street.
  • When was my property annexed into the city of Clearwater?

    Contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 for information.
  • Some branches/bushes are blocking the intersection at the corner of my street and you can't see traffic. Can they be trimmed?

    Contact the Traffic Operations Division at (727) 562-4750 for further information and assistance.

  • Who can give me information on the posting of traffic signs in my neighborhood?

    Contact the City Traffic Engineering Division at (727) 562-4750 for further information.

  • How is a sight obstruction handled at an intersection? Who do I call?

    A letter is sent to the property owner, asking he or she to remove or trim that obstruction. If that obstruction is a plant, the resident is given 15 days to trim the obstruction. City crews will remove or trim it if the property owner does not comply. To report such obstructions, call (727) 562-4750 and ask for the Traffic Operations Division.

  • How does a walk signal work?

    The walk segment of a crossing signal gives the pedestrian anywhere between four and ten seconds before crossing the street. When the walk segment expires, the actual amount of time required to cross the street starts its countdown. This is symbolized by a flashing orange “don’t walk” or “hand." The final indication is the solid “don’t walk” or “hand” that means just that. For further information or to report a suspected failure, call (727) 562-4750 and ask for the Traffic Operations Division.

  • Can I have "Children at Play" signs on my street?

    That particular sign is not used, as it has no enforcement meaning. However, in certain cases where there are an abundance of children who live on a particular street, standard warning signs that read “Watch Children” can be installed.

  • What can I do about speeding on my street?

    The city will make sure that all the appropriate regulatory devices are in place. Residents can get a petition together requesting that multi-way stop signs or other such traffic controls be installed. Call the Traffic Operations Division at (727) 562-4750 for more information.

  • Can the timing of a traffic signal be changed?

    Yes it can, after staff in the signal system section investigate to determine if there is a need for updating the timing plan. Call (727) 562-4750 and ask for the Traffic Operations Division.

  • Do vehicles with handicap tags have to pay to park in the City of Clearwater?

    Vehicles with handicap tags parked at a metered space in the city of Clearwater do not have to pay for parking, but all posted time limits and restrictions must be followed. However, vehicles parked in a cashier-operated facility or parking garage must pay unless they have a Florida Toll Exemption or a specially equipped vehicle (ramps, lifts, hand controls). Please read City of Clearwater Handicap Parking Rules for more information.

  • Where can I park on weekends during downtown special events?

    All downtown city parking facilities are available (unless posted for an event) and offer parking free of charge on weekends, holidays, and weeknights after 6 p.m. (after 7 p.m. at the Garden Avenue Garage or Station Square Garage).

  • I have a large group coming for a wedding, family reunion, etc. Can I get discounted or free parking?

    Per our Clearwater city ordinances, the city cannot provide free or discounted parking.

  • We are a non-profit organization. Can we get discounted or free parking?

    Per our Clearwater city ordinances, the city cannot provide free or discounted parking.

  • How do I use a Pay & Display Pay parking station?

    Information about using Pay & Display parking stations can be found in this document.

  • What is a Park & Go Card?

    ParkGo-sThe Park & Go Card is a pre-paid parking card that provides an alternative to carrying change for the parking meters. Park & Go Cards can be used at most single–space parking meters in downtown Clearwater and the beach. Cards can be purchased at the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Avenue, Parking System Office, during normal business hours.

  • Where can busses, motor-homes, or other oversized vehicles park?

    Spaces for oversize vehicles (over 23' in length) are located throughout the beach and downtown and signed according to the length permitted (24' - 40' or 24' - 50').

  • Why are motorcycles prohibited from parking in cashier-operated facilities?

    As recommended by the manufacturer of the parking gate equipment, motorcycles are prohibited for the safety of the driver. The gate equipment is not designed for motorcycles.

  • What can I do if I don’t think I should have received a Parking Citation?

    Call the phone # on the back of your citation (727) 298-3660 for all questions, complaints and comments, including handicap ticket questions (tag fell down, etc.).

  • How can I pay my parking ticket?

    Visit our parking ticket payment webpage for information on how to pay your citation. This information is also shown on the back side of the parking ticket. Parking ticket questions or concerns can be emailed to

  • I work downtown. Does the city offer any permit parking?

    Monthly permit parking is available in Lots #16 and 24. Monthly parking is also available at the Garden Avenue and Station Square parking garages. Monthly permits may be purchased at the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Avenue, Parking System Office, located on the second floor, during normal business hours. Parking cards may also be purchased at the Garden Avenue Parking Garage, 28 N. Garden Avenue, during normal business hours.

  • Can Clearwater residents purchase annual parking permits to park in the beach lots?

    Yes, residents within the city of Clearwater limits may purchase a $75 annual parking permit or a $40 semi-annual permit, that is valid in four (4) select north Clearwater Beach lots and also at the Courtney Campbell Causeway lot. Proof of residency is required. Please call (727) 562-4704 for more information.

  • Does the city offer a validation program for downtown businesses?

    Yes, all downtown merchants and businesses can purchase validations for the Garden Avenue Parking Garage for their customer/client parking. Validations may be purchased by qualifying businesses at the Parking System Office located at the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Avenue, Suite 220 during normal business hours. Validations may also be purchased at the Garden Avenue Parking Garage, 28 N. Garden Avenue, during normal business hours.

  • Are there any public parking garages on the beach?

    Yes, three parking garages offer public parking:

    • Britt’s Surf Style parking garage, located at 311 S. Gulfview Blvd. (access via Coronado Dr.) has 300 public parking spaces.  For rate information - call (954) 926-6666, ext. 105.
    • Hyatt Aqualea’s parking garage, located at 301 S. Gulfview Blvd. (access via Coronado Dr.) has approximately 550 public parking spaces. For rate information, call Seven One Seven Parking at (800) 310-7275.
    • The North Beach Parking Plaza, located at 490 Poinsettia Ave., has more than 400 public parking spaces. Find out more about rates and location.

    For other parking options, visit

  • Where can I look at the federal flood map for my property?

    Visit the Engineering Department in the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Ave. This map is prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is available for review at Engineering Department. Specific questions regarding flood insurance provisions must be referred to FEMA or your insurance agent.

  • My house/foundation is cracking. What do I do?

    If you are renting your home, contact the property owner and let them know the home is damaged beyond what you would normally consider to be typical wear and tear and that you believe it is caused by a sinkhole. Be sure to find out if the owner has property insurance and attempt to discover when the owner will contact their insurance company to investigate. Be sure to follow-up to make sure that a claim is made.

    If you are the owner of the property being damaged, you should immediately contact your insurance company and report the damage as a claim. By state law, all insurance providers are obligated to provide sinkhole coverage. When a claim is made, insurance companies are also required by law to investigate the claim for sinkhole activity that may have caused the damage.

  • My insurance company has investigated my problem but has said the damage is not related to sinkhole damage. What do I do?

    If you, as the property owner, dispute the results of your insurance company's sinkhole investigation, you should either resolve your dispute through whatever dispute resolution process is available to you by your insurance company or by contacting an attorney.

  • Can someone from the city come out and look at my property to determine if it is safe to stay here until my insurance company can repair the damage?

    The city can and does investigate the structural integrity of homes through our building officials at the request of the public. However, you should first consult a structural engineer to investigate and render an opinion about your home before you contact the city. Calling the city will prompt an investigation to determine if your home appears to be an unsafe structure. If the structure is determined to be unsafe, possibly posing a danger to you, you will then be cited and will be responsible for timely repairs. If the home is deemed safe after the city investigates your concerns, there is no further action. However, monitoring will be done to see if the problem worsens.

  • I don't have any insurance and cannot afford to repair my home. Is there anything I can do or are there any low interest loans available to me?

    You may qualify for financial support through the city's Economic Development and Housing Department's affordable housing assistance programs. There are homeownership rehabilitation loans or homebuyer assistance programs. Call (727) 562-4220 for more information and to obtain an application.

  • I have observed a city survey crew working in my neighborhood. What are they doing?

    City survey crews will work from a vehicle, which identifies the city on the side of the vehicle. The surveyors will generally be gathering field information for a future city improvement or maintenance construction project. Contact the city of Clearwater Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 for more information.

  • How can my company become approved to perform construction work for the city?

    Visit the city's Contractor Pre-Qualifications webpage, or contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 for further information in order to bid on city construction projects.

  • Where can I obtain a copy of construction plans and specifications?

    These can be obtained from the Engineering Department, Room #220 in the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Ave. Prospective bidders must be pre-qualified to submit a bid to the city.

  • Are the streets in my neighborhood being scheduled for resurfacing?

    Streets are scheduled for resurfacing based upon need and available funding. The city has instituted a Pavement Management Program that includes a database of all streets and their conditions. The database has been used to create a five-year plan for resurfacing base upon available funding. The plan will be updated regularly to provide a long-term program for street resurfacing. Contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750, or visit the Municipal Services Building located at 100 S. Myrtle Ave., second floor,  for more information.

  • What are the colored marks in the street and parkway?

    The colored marks represent the location of both public and private underground utilities. The color codes are:
    • Blue - water mains and service lines
    • Green - sanitary sewers and lateral lines
    • Yellow - gas
    • Red - electrical power lines
    • Orange - telephone and TV cable lines
  • Who do I contact if I plan an excavation?

    The State of Florida requires that all underground utilities be located prior to any excavation to prevent damage. The city often has these utilities marked in preparation of construction plans. Underground utilities are always located in advance of construction requiring excavation. Call (727) 562-4750 for information.

  • Where do I get information about connecting to sanitary sewer service?

    Call the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 and tell the receptionist that you'd like to connect to the city's sewer system if possible, and you will be connected to the right person, depending on where you live in Clearwater.
  • How can I find out the locations of my sanitary sewer lines?

    The city does not keep this information, but staff can tell you if the sanitary sewer connection is in the front or rear yard. Either you or a plumber will have to determine its location. Please contact Planning & Development Services at (727) 562-4567 for more information.

  • If I have a sanitary sewer problem, what should I do?

    First, call a licensed plumbing company to identify the location and extent of the problem. If a stoppage is found in the city's sewer main and/or those laterals for which the city is responsible, the plumber should call the city for an emergency crew. When city crew arrives, the team will verify if the problem is the city or resident's responsibility. If it is the city's problem, then city crews will make all necessary repairs.

    Following the action by the city to repair the sewer, the plumber submits a bill to the property owner with the date, address, location and nature of the stoppage and license certificate number. When you receive the bill from the plumber, the city will reimburse you. The stoppage must be verified as the city's responsibility by the city.

  • Where do I get information about connecting to water service?

    Contact the Utility Customer Service Department at (727) 562-4600 or visit the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Ave., first floor, for information on availability and costs of service.

  • How can I find out the location of my water service line?

    The city does not keep this information. However, your water service line must come from the water meter serving your property. Look for the water meter box on the perimeter of your property. Your service line will generally run in a direct route from the meter to your residence.
  • Is the city planning to serve my neighborhood with reclaimed water?

    Contact the Public Utilities Department, Water Division at (727) 562-4960 for specific planning and scheduling information.