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City Projects

These key projects are taking place in the city of Clearwater as of the most recent project meeting, Oct. 30, 2019. All construction dates that are listed can change based on weather, conditions, or contractor delays:

Druid Road/Allen’s Creek Pipe Replacement

Location: Druid Road, Hercules and Druid Park West
Construction Start/Finish: December 2016 / August 2020
Construction Cost: $3,370,494.92.

  • The existing stormwater system at this location currently does not have adequate capacity.This results in excess overland flow and localized street flooding of Druid Road and Hercules Avenue. The intent of this project is to capture as much surface water runoff as possible and direct it through an improved storm water conveyance system.
  • This project recommenced on July 24, 2019.
  • The contractor has continued installing 60” RCP eastward past Oxford Drive.
  • The contractor has continued installing 8” sanitary line heading east past Wellington Drive.
  • Project completion is scheduled for fall 2020.

Seminole Street Boat Ramp / North Marina Improvements

Location: Seminole Boat Ramp Facility
Construction Start/Finish: March 2019 / December 2019
Construction Costs: $2,711,948.58

  • Landscaping and shade structures are complete. Waiting on site furniture to be delivered and installed.
  • All lighting has been completed and is functioning as designed.
  • Dumpster enclosure is under construction.
  • Parking Pay Stations are currently being installed at 6 locations.

EOC Data Center at Fire Station No. 48

Location: 1700 Belcher Road (Attached to the Clearwater Fire Training Building) 
Construction Start/Finish: February 2019 / October 2019
Construction Costs: $1,903,854.00

  • Project complete with exception of parts to change out automatic transfer switch (ATS) bypass switch for generator service.

Clearwater Gas Systems Facility Redevelopment

Location: Current Clearwater Gas Systems complex, Maple to Jones and Myrtle to the Pinellas Trail
Construction Start/Finish: February 2017 / July 2020
Construction Costs: $23,359,100

  • Building 7 (Main Admin):
    • Moved in on Monday, October 14th, 2019.
    • 1st floor break room gas range venting issue.Long & Associates will submit a design fix.
    • Ribbon Cutting ceremony-February 5th, 2020.

    Phase II of Project (October 2019 to July 2020)

    • Demolition of Sales (green building), Admin and Operations buildings: November 11th-29th.
    • Parking lot and retention pond work scheduled (December-February 2020).
    • Building 8 (Energy Plant):Continue working with subcontractor on installing 65kW electric generator/turbine for base load electricity needs.
    • Biweekly construction progress meetings were held.

Groundwater Replenishment Project - Design and Permitting Phase

Location: 3290 SR 580
Construction Start/Finish: TBD
Costs: Design and permitting is budgeted at $2,843,661. This does not include $1,000,000 for Public Outreach and $28,416,000 for future construction and CEI services. Total project costs for design through construction: $32,716,000.

  • This is new technology and one of the first in the state.
  • Design of the treatment facility is complete.
  • All permits except the Building Permit have been received.
  • Project delayed while Water Supply and Treatment Master Plan is completed (-2 years).
  • SWFWMD requested the City modify the agreement (with SWFMWD) to allow SWFWMD to utilize some of the funds for other projects while the Water Master Plan is completed.
  • This project will still retain its high ranking.
  • At the May 21st SWFWMD Board meeting they voted to direct their staff to prepare and amended agreement to modify project timetables and funding arrangements.
  • SWFMWD submitted a draft Project Plan for the Revised Agreement to the City. The draft was approved by the City on July 19th after review by Legal, Engineering and Public Utilities.
  • Modified agreement is on the 11/17/19 City Council Meeting agenda for approval.

Solid Waste Transfer Station

Location: 1005 Old Coachman Road and Coachman Ridge Park
Construction Start/Finish: February 2017 / July 2019 (park), December 2019 (transfer station)
Costs: $17,832,010

Transfer Station Site:

  • Main building interior and exterior wall panel installation is near completion.
  • Main building light fixtures are being installed.
  • Administration building ceramic tile, light fixtures, acoustical ceilings, and fiberglass door frames, and interior painting are underway.
  • Administration building exterior painting and air handlers are complete.
  • Scale house building foundation is complete and wall layout has begun.
  • Scale house building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough ins are underway.
  • Leachate system foundations and the primary tank have been installed.
  • Natural gas generator system has been installed.
  • Duke Energy has set the primary pad mounted transformer. Primary electrical service feeds and pole are set and complete.
  • Box culvert and bank stabilization at the creek are complete.
  • Retaining walls #1 and #2 are being installed.
  • Right-of-way work is near completion.

Coachman Ridge Park:

  • Parks Department has resumed control of maintenance and provided final approval on upland work areas.
  • Modifications to irrigation as-built drawings are underway and final approval by Parks is pending.
  • Scheduling information is being generated for the wetland mitigation planting replacements.

Lift Station 45 Force Main Replacement

Location:  Northbound Gulf Blvd.
Construction Start/Finish:  Late 2019 to mid-2020
Construction Costs:  $1,980,261

  • Scope included replacement of the force main from Lift Station 45 (immediately north of Coast Guard Station) to the south side of the Sand Key Bridge.
  • Project utilizes a method called horizontal directional drilling to minimize impacts to Sand Key residents. There will be no lane closures, only lane shifts, to minimize impacts for those living on or passing through the Sand Key area.
  • Project was awarded to TLC Diversified of Palmetto FL.
  • Public Meeting was held on 10/1/19 at the Sand Key Sailing Center.
  • Pre-construction meeting is scheduled for Nov. 15.

Need More Information?

If more information is needed or you have a question about projects happening in the city of Clearwater, call the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750.