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City Projects

These key projects are taking place in the city of Clearwater as of the most recent project meeting, March 1, 2018. All construction dates that are listed can change based on weather, conditions, or contractor delays: 

Druid Road/Allen’s Creek Pipe Replacement

Location:  Druid Road, Hercules and Druid Park West
Construction Start/Finish: December 2016 / July 2018
Construction Cost: $2,825,423.59.

  • The existing Stormwater system at this location currently does not have adequate capacity.This results in excess overland flow and localized street flooding of Druid Road and Hercules Avenue. The intent of this project is to capture as much surface water runoff as possible and direct it through an improved stormwater conveyance system.
  • Duke Energy has completed their relocations. A field meeting was held with all joint users regarding the poles on January 10, 2018.Each utility company is on board and has started their design and relocation to the north side of Druid Road.
  • Construction will resume in Spring of this year.

East Gateway Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Location: Cleveland to Court Streets and Missouri to Hillcrest Avenues
Construction Start/Finish: April 2017 / June 2018
Cost: $11,409,144.00

East of Stevenson Creek

  •  Continuing to reconstruct roadways, including base, new curb, driveway aprons and inlet tops. Sod is also being placed and has already been installed on Franklin Street.
  • Anticipate establishing substantial completion of the roads east of the creek around the end of March/beginning of April.

West of Stevenson Creek

  •  Milling roadways for installation of stormwater and sanitary sewer pipes. Inlet locations are being staked on Betty Lane.
  • Two utility conflicts remain. Duke Energy should take care of them by the beginning of March.
  • Monthly construction meetings and as needed weekly meetings maintain communication and progress between the city and the contractor.

Clearwater Beach Transit Center

Location:  66 Causeway Blvd.
Construction Start/Finish:  September 2017 / May 2018
Costs:  $778,300.00  ($250,000.00 City’s Share)

  • All signalization is completed and working to the limits of its ability. This includes the signalized pedestrian crossing and the queue jumping for the buses, as well as the metering operation. In addition, the fire preemption feature for the roundabout was preserved.
  • Phase I is complete and in operation. 
  • Phase II will be done after spring break and will include relocation of the water main, installation of the canopy foundations and the canopy itself. 

Gas Operations Buildings

Location:  Current Clearwater Gas Systems complex, Maple to Jones and Myrtle to the Pinellas Trail
Construction Start/Finish: February 2017 / July 2020
Construction Costs:  $23,359,100

  • Walbridge mobilized and received city building permits for all but one of the six buildings.
  • Installed erosion control and tree barricades.
  • Demolished trees per plan and started site work.

East Branch / SPC Joint Use Library

Location:  SPC Clearwater Campus
Construction Start/Finish:  July 2016 / March 2018
Construction Costs:  $12.4 million (GMP of $12 million), City share of $5.6 million

  • Current East Library is closed to the public.
  • Movers scheduled week of March 5th.
  • Public parking lot under construction.
  • Tentative soft opening Monday, April 16th
  • Library grand opening to the public scheduled for Saturday, April 21 at 10 a.m.

Morningside Recreation Center

Location:  2400 Harn Blvd.
Construction Start/Finish:  October 2015 / April 2018
Costs:  $5,702,809.73

  • Gymnasium roof being installed and will be dried in the week of March 5.
  • Remainder of steel roofs to be installed in March.
  • Underground work is 95% completed for the building.
  • All concrete decking with exception of outdoor pool deck completed.
  • HVAC and electrical work has begun in the gymnasium.
  • Adjusted completion date to April 29. 

Groundwater Replenishment Project - Design and Permitting Phase

Location:  3290 SR 580
Construction Start/Finish:  TBD
Costs:  Design and permitting is budgeted at $2,843,661.  This does not include $1,000,000 for Public Outreach and $28,416,000 for future construction and CEI services. Total project costs for design through construction: $32,716,000.

  • This is new technology and one of the first in the state. 
  • Design of the treatment facility and the appurtenant wells and the Public Outreach Program is underway.
  • Well permit applications have been submitted to DEP.
  • Other permit applications such as ERP and FDOT Right-Of-Way were submitted to regulatory agencies.
  • Received Development Order.
  • Received draft permit for the construction of the Advanced Water Purification Plant on February 12th.Notice of Intent to issue permit was advertised on February 16th per the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s rule.
  • Received Draft Permit for construction of Class I well and Class V wells on February 15th.
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) needs to be published and a Public Meeting scheduled for FDEP regarding the permit.Coordination to publish the NOI and schedule a public meeting is underway.
  • Other citizen groups speaking circuits are being scheduled to continue with Public Outreach efforts.
  • Continue to work on Public Outreach (Monthly facebook posts, updating the project webpage, etc).
  • Completed the second perception survey as part of the Public Outreach efforts.
  • The Third Party Review Report was approved by SWFWMD on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.
  • Tetra Tech submitted the 100% design plans and specifications.

Water System Fluoridation

Location:  Water Treatment Plants 1 and 2
Construction Start/Finish:  November 2017/August 2018
Costs:  $1,941,000.00

  • The goal of this project is to provide fluoride to our customer’s at the generally recognized therapeutic level of 0.7 mg/L in as timely a manner as possible.
  • A purchase order has been issued to Tetra-Tech, one of our Engineers of Records, to complete the design, permitting and bidding services for this project.
  • Tetra Tech submitted bid design plans and specifications on February 20th.
  • The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) grant agreement is complete and was received on February 20th.It is tentatively scheduled for the April 16th Council Work Session.
  • Building permits for both plants are ready to be obtained by Contractor as of February 16th.
  • Construction Engineering Inspection work order is currently being drafted and is also tentatively scheduled for the April 16th Council Work Session.
  • Contractor advertisement set for March 2nd.

Solid Waste Transfer Station

Location:  1005 Old Coachman Road and Coachman Ridge Park
Construction Start/Finish:  February 2017 / October 2018 (park), December 2019 (transfer station)
Costs:   $17,832,010

  • Kokolakis received clearing and grubbing permits for the transfer station and all permits for the park site.
  • Kokolakis mobilized at Coachman Ridge Park. The park scope includes construction of two ponds for wetland mitigation and flood plain compensation, a perimeter trail and elevated boardwalk connecting the Long Center to the newly completed playground.
  • Erosion control and tree barricades installed at the park. Started construction layout of the ponds.
  • Passed erosion control and tree barricade pre-inspections at the transfer station. Will start clearing and grubbing shortly.
  • The transfer station initial phase includes clearing and grubbing and placement of imported fill for preloading/surcharging of area adjacent to the transfer station.
  • Consolidation will be measured and is expected to be complete by November 2018. The transfer station will continue to operate during the preloading phase. Once preloading is complete, the station will be closed and demolished for construction of the new transfer station.

Expected Road Closures

Dates and limits are subject to change due to the nature of construction work.


Need More Information?

If more information is needed or you have a question about projects happening in the city of Clearwater, call the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750.