Fire Prevention Services

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Life Safety Education Bureau

Information and material regarding the education and training in the prevention of fires, life-threatening injuries, life safety awareness, and other fire safety programs can be provided through the Fire Prevention Services Division.

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Fire Inspections Bureau

The Prevention Bureau is staffed by Fire Inspector/Fire Investigators. These individuals perform fire inspections in 16,000 commercial and multifamily occupancies within the Clearwater fire district. They ensure compliance with all fire and life safety codes, and Florida State statutes required under the Florida Fire Prevention Code. Properties that are inspected can range from day care centers, to assisted living facilities, schools, restaurants and other businesses. Additionally, some items that are inspected include fire extinguishers, fire protection sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, and occupant loads. The overall objective of the Prevention Bureau is to inspect all commercial occupancies in the Clearwater Fire District to reduce incidents of unintentional injuries and property loss from fire or other hazards, while simultaneously heightening the life safety awareness of our citizens.

Construction Services BureauFire Inspectors

The Construction Services Bureau is staffed by Fire Inspectors/Fire Investigators. They perform all Fire Plans reviews, attend all pre-construction meetings, and conduct all fire final inspections from initial underground fire line testing to fire equipment and fire suppression acceptance testing, to certificate of building occupancy inspections. The overall objective of the Construction Services Bureau is to provide all builders and developers the information needed to have a quick and smooth transition through the plans review process.

Fire Investigation Bureau

The Fire Investigation Bureau is staffed by the Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshal and Fire Inspectors/Fire Investigators. The overall objective of the Fire Investigation Bureau is to provide a cause and origin of all fires, whether accidental, incendiary, or an act of nature, preserve and collect evidence at fire scenes, document and furnish reports from all fire scenes, determine if the blaze was criminal or non-criminal in nature, and prosecute all individuals in criminal fire cases caused by arson.

  • Fire Inspections Bureau 727-562-4327
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  • Fire Investigation Bureau 727-562-4327