Garden Avenue Parking Garage Monthly Permit

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Monthly Parking Regulations

  1. Monthly parking payments are due by 6:00 p.m. on the first business day of each month. Please pay the Parking Attendant at the garage the monthly fee of $48.15 (includes tax). Note your card number when payment is made.
  2. Failure to make payment by the first business day of the month can result in your proximity card being voided from the system and the loss of parking privileges if there is an established waiting list. If there is not an established waiting list you will be required to pay the daily parking fee unless the $48.15 fee is paid before exiting the garage that day. The daily fee will not be refunded or credited towards your monthly parking fee. A $5.00 late fee will be imposed on all payments made after the first business day of the month.
  3. No partial payments will be accepted. However, if a new customer activates a new card any time after the first of the month, a pro-rated amount based on the pro-rated schedule for the garage will be charged.
  4. If for any reason a monthly cardholder does not have his/her proximity card, a ticket must be pulled and the daily parking fee paid. This fee will not be refunded or credited towards your monthly fee.
  5. Monthly cardholders must always use their cards to enter and exit the parking garage - FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN THE CARD NOT WORKING PROPERLY.
  6. Proximity cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  7.  A refundable deposit of $10.00 is required for each proximity card. Subjecting a proximity card to direct sunlight, extreme heat or abuse may damage the card. A $10.00 replacement fee will be charged to replace damaged or lost cards.
  8. The Parking Garage may not be used as a storage facility. Per City Ordinance 30.096.3 It is unlawful for the operator of a vehicle to stop, park or leave standing a vehicle on a city owned or operated parking lot, garage or other property, using meters, multi-space parking pay stations, gates, permits, or time limits for revenue and access control, for a period longer than 72 hours without first making arrangements in advance with the parking division. Vehicles left in the garage more than 72 hours may be towed and loss of parking privileges may result.
  9. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to provide the City with updated vehicle / address information.
  10. Except for emergency vehicle repairs, no mechanical work is permitted in the garage. Please notify the Parking Office if your vehicle is to be towed / removed from the garage by a service company, i.e. Service station.
  11. The City is not responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicle, accessories, or articles left therein incurred by fire, theft, collision, water or any other cause.
  12. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the garage due to the restrictions of the parking gate equipment.
  13. Any illegal parking or violations of posted regulatory signs are enforceable by the Clearwater Police Department. The City reserves the right to revoke parking privileges for any repeat offenders.
  14. Unreserved spaces will be on a first-come, first-serve basis

Questions/Purchase Cards:

City of Clearwater/Parking System
100 S. Myrtle Ave. #220
Clearwater, FL 33756-5520

Garden Ave. Garage Office- 727-462-6691

Parking System Office- 727-562-4704