How to Join Virtual DRC Meeting

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Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, public meetings are currently being held online. This handout provides additional instructions for meetings held virtually via WebEx by the City of Clearwater Planning & Development Department. At this time, only the Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting is being held virtually. Any updates regarding future virtual Community Development Board (CDB) public hearings will be announced on the city's website.

How To Find Upcoming Public WebEx Meetings

Participants can look up public meetings and agendas online.

Receive Notice In The Mail

Nearby property owners will receive a public meeting notice in the mail for meetings of upcoming public meetings for applications located near their property. The notice includes the meeting date, case number (such as FLS2020-01002), the property address, the request, and the assigned case planner. For WebEx public meetings the notice also includes the call in number and access code for the meeting. The exact meeting time for each application is not finalized when the notices are mailed. Please contact the case planner or call the Planning & Development Department at 727-562-4567 the week of the meeting for the assigned meeting time. You can also view the meeting agenda online the day before the meeting at the same link provided above. 

Find or Request Online WebEx Meeting Information 

The online agenda and mailed notices (see above) include the WebEx meeting call in number and access code needed to join the meeting by phone. This will allow participants to hear the audio of the meeting, which is what is recorded for public record. WebEx meetings also can use online screen sharing which allows online participants the ability to see the case specific plans and elevations and facilitates discussion between DRC members and the applicant. Applications, plans, and any other case information is available online for the public viewing anytime prior to the WebEx meeting. To view applications online, visit the City’s ePermitting system and search by the case number. No new materials are reviewed at the DRC WebEx meeting. The meeting is a time where the applicant and city staff may discuss the current application and no new material may be presented. To obtain the WebEx online log in please contact the case planner on the notice or call the Planning & Development Department at 727-562- 4567. This should be done in advance of the meeting.

Join MeetingPlanning Webex Instructions Click Join Meeting

When the scheduled meeting time arrives there are two ways you can join the meeting: by phone or computer. 

  • Join by Computer. To join by computer click the green “Join Meeting” button (circled in pink) on the calendar invite. It will open a browser page (You may also be prompted to download and run the Cisco WebEx program). Please note you cannot join the meeting until the host has started it. You will be prompted to enter your email address and then the meeting password. This is also in the calendar invite (highlighted in blue).
  • Joining By Computer Allows For Screen Share. For most planning related meetings you may want to join by computer for the screen share. This allows for site plans, elevations, zoning maps etc. to be shared and viewed by all meeting participants.
  • Computer Without Microphone. If the computer in use does not have a microphone (and/or a speaker) it may be necessary to log in on both the computer for the screen share and on the phone for audio. The use of a headset or ear buds may provide the microphone and/or speaker. If a computer and phone are both uses, especially a cell phone, please turn off the computer audio in advance of calling in or it will create a loud disruptive noise.
  • Computers With Camera. If the computer in use has a camera it may automatically provide a video feed. Please be aware of this before joining the meeting.
  • Join By Phone. To join the meeting by phone call the number in the email (circled in orange) and you will be prompted to enter the meeting access code (highlighted in green). You may also be prompted to state your name. 

Meeting Etiquette

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is open to the public; however, public comment is not taken at the meeting. To add public comment to the record for a given case, it must be submitted in writing. Please contact the case planner or the Planning & Development Department.

  • If your background is noisy please mute your microphone until you need to speak. The host may mute applicants with noisy and distracting audio.
  • If multiple video feeds are on the meeting and it becomes choppy the video feeds may be turned off by the host to ensure the meeting remains productive. This will not turn off the screen share or audio.
  • Please be courteous to all meeting participants. This is new for many and we are all trying to do the best with what we have.