Clearwater Greenprint

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Large image of greenprint logo saying a framework for a competitive vibrant green futureThe City of Clearwater is becoming more energy efficient, saving money and natural resources at the same time. Help us build a cleaner, greener, more sustainable Clearwater.

What if each of us joined the City by saving energy in our homes and businesses? Replace a worn out appliance with a more efficient one. Combine car trips to reduce miles driven. Plant a kitchen garden. Use energy saving light bulbs. Could we help ensure a future that is green, vibrant and competitive?

Image of a leaf and the words Think GreenA community project is happening right now that explores ways we can all be involved in creating a sustainable community. Contact us to learn more and share your ideas.

For more information, please contact our Planning Manager at the City of Clearwater: (727) 562-4547 or Clearwater Connect.

Image of the seal of the U S Department of EnergyPlease tell others about Clearwater Greenprint. Together we can do more.

The Clearwater Greenprint is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.