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Damage from Hurricane Charley (2004), Charlotte Harbor, Florida

After a disaster strikes, our community must not only respond and recover but also face long-term redevelopment questions.

  • Where should we rebuild and to what standards?
  • How do we ensure permitting is both speedy and provides protection against unlicensed contractors?
  • How will we retain our businesses?
  • What is our plan for replacing damaged infrastructure?
  • How do we fund government services with the likely loss in property values?
  • Do residents know where to get help?

These questions, as well as many others will be addressed in the PDRP. The PDRP identifies policies, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation that guide decision-making on long-term recovery and redevelopment after a disaster.

The PDRP complements the Pinellas County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) and Clearwater Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), planning documents which address pre-disaster mitigation and immediate response and emergency operations.

Pinellas County began it’s PDRP project in February 2010 and intend to conclude by year end 2011. City staff has been working closely with the County, but ultimately our adopted PDRP will be drafted with consideration of our local development regulations, code of ordinances and guiding documents.

A PDRP will build upon these efforts by developing a  strategy for achieving a faster and more disaster-resilient long-term recovery. A disaster, while tragic, can also create opportunities to better our community. The PDRP addresses disaster recovery and redevelopment issues with long-term implications.