Clearwater Public Nuisance

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House with plywood in front of itAbandoned Buildings
Bumble bee with a yellow an dark yellow stingerBees – CDC Sections 3-1503.A & B.9
Garbage can with debris in itDebris – CDC Sections 3-1503.B.5, B.6 & B.7
Green GrassGrass (Overgrowth) – CDC Sections 3-1502.H.3 & 3-1503.B.7 & B.8
Dump TruckIllegal Dumping – CO Sections 24.27 & 32.283
Car broken down with smoke coming out of itInoperative Vehicles – CDC Sections 3-1503.B.6, 3-1507.A, 3-1502.G.5
Pool with yellow tiles around itPool Maintenance – CDC Section 3-1503.B.5
Blue ScrewdriverUnsecured Properties – CDC Sections 3-1503.A, B.1 & B.9