Code Compliance Process

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Code Compliance inspectors respond to both anonymous and citizen-named complaints, as well as complaints from other city departments and jurisdictions. They perform routine “sweeps” or patrols of each area of the city in pursuit of possible violations. Our goal is to be fair, consistent and impartial.

If a violation is verified, the inspector will attempt to contact the property owner or tenant or leave a card or an informational door hanger. If no response is made in regard to this first notification, a Notice of Violation will be sent via certified mail. This courtesy notice will provide a reasonable amount of time to comply. If compliance is not achieved, staff has the option of taking a case to the city’s Municipal Code Enforcement Board or to the Circuit Court of Pinellas County municipal code violation section. If you need additional time to correct a violation, please take the time to telephone the Inspector.

If compliance is not gained, Inspectors have three options for enforcement: issue a Notice to Appear citation that will by heard before the County Court; schedule the violation for action before the City’s Municipal Code Enforcement Board; or if the violation is a nuisance take action to abate the nuisance after proper notification is given.  

Our aim is to achieve a resolution to a problem through education, communication and cooperation. Only when such efforts fail will we be compelled to take enforcement action that could lead to fines or liens on a property. Of course, matters that are an immediate threat to public health, safety or welfare may be addressed immediately in order to mitigate risk to the public.

Compliance with city codes is meant to help ensure a safe and pleasant environment and to maintain the highest value for your property and neighborhood. Areas that suffer from deterioration, accumulation of debris, overgrowth and other nuisance, result in declining property values and create public safety issues. We actively enforce these standards to ensure that your community and city remains a safe, healthy and economically viable place to live.

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