Clearwater Downtown Redevelopment Plan Update

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Downtown Clearwater will thrive as the urban core and heart of the City, as the center of business and government, and as an attractive place to live, work, shop and play. A revitalized Downtown will be achieved through quality urban design, continued creation of a high quality public realm, and a dense and livable pattern which will strengthen the overall health of the City.

- Vision Statement, Clearwater Downtown Redevelopment Plan 2018 Update

The Clearwater Downtown Redevelopment Plan is a long-term vision for the Downtown and includes an implementation plan for achieving this vision. The City has prepared a significant update to the Plan to make existing properties and buildings more viable while still preserving neighborhood character. Additional Plan updates and other projects will be completed this year for City Council and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) consideration.


Plan Update. Ordinance 9103-18, anticipated approval by the Board of County Commissioners May 2018

Amendments to Chapters 1-3 of the Plan achieve the following:

  • Reaffirm the Vision for Downtown
  • Create Additional Opportunities for Development and Redevelopment on Existing Properties
  • Integrate Vision and Goals of Supporting Documents (e.g., Imagine Clearwater, North Marina Area Master Plan, etc.)
  • Streamline and Clarify Properties’ Development Potential
  • Preserve Neighborhood Character

The Downtown Plan, as adopted by City Council on March 2, 2018 can be viewed here.  

The Plan amendments will be reviewed at the following meetings:

1/16/2018            CRA Meeting (1)

2/12/2018            CRA Meeting (2) Status: Recommended Approval

2/13/2018            City Council, first reading Status: Recommended Approval with changes

3/1/2018              City Council, second reading Status: Adopted with changes

4/11/2018             Forward Pinellas Board Meeting

5/08/2018            Countywide Planning Authority & Board of County Commissioners Meetings


Downtown Zoning District Update. Anticipated City Council Adoption May 2018

Amendments to the Downtown District in the Community Development Code will achieve the following:

  • Increase the Number of Uses Allowed by Right
  • Streamline Approval Process for Most Projects (Majority Approvable by Staff)
  • Transition from Use-Based Regulations to Form-Based
  • Incorporate Low Impact Development Standards


Amendments to the Future Land Use Map and Zoning Atlas. Anticipated Adoption Summer 2018

Currently, there are several areas within Downtown that are not designated as Central Business District (CBD) on the City’s Future Land Use Map and are not zoned Downtown (D) District. The 2018 updates to the Plan propose that these areas be amended, thereby unifying all properties governed by the Plan with the same future land use and zoning designations.  Additionally, the 2018 updates propose to expand the Downtown Planning Area in the north to incorporate additional properties into the Old Bay Character District.  To implement these changes, map amendments are required. To see the areas proposed to be amended, click here.


Amendments to Chapter 4 Plan Implementation. Anticipated Adoption Fall 2018

This Chapter sets forth how the Plan will be implemented, and includes the Capital Improvement Plan for Downtown, much of which is funded through the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).  The CRA must complete a 15-year review of its TIF with Pinellas County, and proposed updates to Chapter 4 will be developed concurrently with this review.