Building Permit Fee Schedule

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  1. Permit fees and charges, in general; exceptions:
    1. Permits are generally not required for carpeting, painting, wallpapering, paneling over existing walls, and tile nor where the valuation of labor, materials, and all other items not exceeding $500.00 and the work or operation is of casual, minor, inconsequential nature, and does not violate any city codes or ordinances, or is exempt pursuant to Chapter 75-489, Laws of Florida (Special Acts), Section 25.


    2. Valuation for all construction shall be based on the contract value. The current Southern Building Code Congress International’s valuation tables may be used if no contract is submitted with the permit application.


    3. Plans review fees will be reduced by 33 percent for those projects using a private provider of plan review services, pursuant to Florida statutes, to review the building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical trades.


    4. Where no permit fee is stated, the same shall not be interpreted as an intention to waive any requirement for a permit or fees for a permit that may be stated elsewhere in the city’s Code of Ordinances.


    5. Prior to starting any electrical, gas, plumbing, mechanical, roofing, or other work under a combination permit, the contractor or the subcontractor engaged to do the work shall file with Development Services a form showing the name and certification number of the subcontractor, the subcontractor’s occupational license number, the combination permit number, the job address and other related information as may be required by Development Services. Failure to file such form or provide such information shall be cause for the refusal of inspection services, and the issuance of a correction notice with the appropriate fee.


  2. Fee schedule. In the case of reviews, inspections and similar activities associated with building and related codes requiring a permit, the following schedule of fees shall apply:


    1. Plans examination fee:
      1. Multifamily and commercial, based on construction valuation of:

        a.     $100,000.00 or less:  44.00

        Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof: 3.90

        b.     Greater than 100,000.00 but not exceeding 500,000.00: 380.00

        Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof:  2.80

        c.     Greater than 500,000.00 but not exceeding 1,000,000.001,275.00

        Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof: 2.25

        d.     Greater than 1,000,000.00: 2,050.00

        Plus, per $1000.00 of value or fraction thereof: 1.65

      2. One or two-family residential projects: 16.00

        Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof: 1.00

    2. Plan amendments; Residential, multifamily and commercial projects:
      1. Change to permitted plans, per hour: 53.00
      2. Duplicate permit placards, each: 16.00
      3. Change of contractor, per contractor: 26.00
      4. Review replacement plans, per hour: 53.00
      5. Field reviewed plan amendment: 26.00
    3. Certificates of occupancy:
      1. One- or two-family dwelling, per unit: 11.00
      2. Multifamily and commercial, per application: 26.00
      3. Conditional certificate of occupancy, per condition: 32.00
      4. Replacement or additional copy
        1. One or two-family dwelling, per unit: 11.00
        2. Multifamily and commercial: 26.00
    4. Special Inspections:
      1. Change of use or certificate of occupancy inspection per trade: 37.00

        Maximum fee: 74.00

      2. After hours or weekends, per hour, per inspection:  53.00

        Minimum fee, per inspection: 100.00

    5. Refunds:
      1. Permits under $40.00, unless issued in error by city: No refund
      2. Work has commenced, or permit is over 90 days old: No refund
      3. All other permits: Refund of fee paid, less $40.00

  1. Permit fees:
    1. Per structure, based on construction valuation of:

      a.     $100,000.00 or less: 33.00

      Plus, per $1,000.00 or value or fraction thereof:  7.25

      b.     Greater than 100,000.00 but not exceeding $500,000.00: 700.00

      Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof: 6.15

      c.     Greater than $500,000.00 but not exceeding $1,000,000.00: 2,940.00

      Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof:  3.90

      d.     Greater than $1,000,000.00: 4,600.00

      Plus, per $1,000.00 of value or fraction thereof:  1.65

    2. This fee applies to all types of permits, with additional costs of $30.00 per trade

      Or permit type for combination permits. Exception: No additional fees for swimming pools.

  2. Miscellaneous permits:
    1. Mobile home, mobile office, construction trailer, sales trailer, etc.
      1. Building permit (tie-down and site placement): 37.00
      2. Electric permit: 37.00
      3. Gas permit: 37.00
      4. Plumbing permit: 37.00
      5. Mechanical permit: 37.00
    2. Temporary power pole, not in conjunction with combination permit: 37.00
    3. Tent permit (may require electric) up to 20 ft x 40 ft: 45.00

      Tent permit (may require electric) greater than 20 ft x 40 ft: 55.00

      Tent permits for neighborhood events held by neighborhood associations, community based organizations and not-for-profit organizations, as approved by the Neighborhood Services Division: 40.00

    4. Demolition permit: 53.00

      Plus, per square foot in excess of 1,000 square feet: 0.10

      Maximum total demolition permit fee: 1,000.00

    5. House move:
      1. Application: 53.00
      2. Pre-inspection: 53.00

        Plus, per mile outside city: 0.30

      3. Remodeling permit, for setting house on lot, see sub paragraph (2) (f) permit fees
    6. Swimming pool permit, aboveground pool (for all work involved): 37.00
    7. Zoning verification letter, per letter: 50.00
    8. Project research, per hour (not to exceed eight hours without

      Commission approval: 26.00

  3. Building Official may assess special fees per written policy for:
    1. Work not ready for inspection (reinspection fee):
      1. First occurrence: 32.00
      2. Second or subsequent occurrence: 80.00
    2. Follow up on permit:
      1. Failure to request inspections:  50% of permit fee
      2. Minimum fee: 37.00
    3. After-the-fact permit:
      1. First occurrence: Triple permit fee
      2. Second or subsequent occurrence by the same contractor, any job

        site in city:10 times permit fee

    4. Filing service fee, for notice of commencement

      (this is in addition to county clerk’s charges): 10.00

    5. Expired permit holder’s fee: 200.00

      Permit extensions:

  1. Permit expired:
    1. Less than 30 days: No fee
    2. More than 30 days, but less than 90 days: 30.00
    3. More than 90 days (fee based in value of work to be completed): New permit fee
  2. Exception, if only finals are needed: 30.00


  1. As used in this fee schedule, “combination permit” means a permit for construction privileges, conditions and restrictions for two or more trades or permit types, for which proper approval has been granted by the city and for which proper fees have been paid.

Filing fees for appeals:

  1. Appeal to the construction/flood board of adjustment and appeals:130.00
  2. Appeal to the city manager: 55.00
  3. Appeal to the city commission: 55.00


Updated 04.16.2018