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Recommended Residential Trees

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The city of Clearwater has been named a Tree City USA for 30 years in a row. This designation is given by the National Arbor Day foundation in honor of Clearwater’s commitment to community forestry. Trees are valuable to our community in so many ways. They help improve water quality and decrease flooding from stormwater runoff, lower city temperatures, reduce air pollution, help conserve energy, provide wildlife habitat and enhance property values and community aesthetics.

Due to the benefits derived from a healthy tree canopy, the Clearwater Community Development Code establishes tree protection standards that promote the preservation of and expansion of tree canopies. The city requires a certain number of trees and a variety of tree species to be maintained on a site to achieve these goals. A permit is required to remove any protected tree, which is any nonhazardous tree four inches DBH (diameter breast height) or greater or any palm with a 10 foot clearance and straight trunk.

The city of Clearwater encourages residential tree replacement. The city offers suggestions on the best practices to plant trees and recommends trees that are most suitable for this climate and area. Learn more by visiting Recommended Residential Trees.

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