City Council PowerPoint Presentations

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Mayor presenting at City Council Meeting

Planning ahead is your most valuable tool to success. Keep in mind that THE PRESENTER has the most important part of the presentation. The visuals should only SUPPORT the presenter, not BE the presentation. The best presentations are ones in which only the KEY WORDS or pictures of key words have been removed from the accompanying speech and are used to add punch to the speech. 

Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Let the visuals tell your story, but DON’T make your audience READ it. Words will be remembered longer if only a few of them are in print, and effective pictures are worth a thousand words! 


Presentations must be formatted in 16:9 format.


  • Colors Display Slightly Brighter Than They Appear on PC Screens
  • Avoid Large Areas of Red or ‘Hot’ Colors Such as Lime Green or Magenta


  • Solid, Dark Color or Dark Gradient; No Black, No White, No Textures
  • If a Photo Background is Desired, Use ONLY on Title Slide at Beginning or End of Presentation – The Same Photo Becomes Monotonous if Used & Re-used


  • No Seraph Fonts; We Recommend Using IMPACT, TAHOMA, FUTURA or ARIAL BLACK
  • Minimum 30-40 Points - Larger Whenever Possible – Some Fonts are Larger Than Others
  • Slides Should be Created in 16x10 Aspect Ratio, Width by Height

Bullet Slides

  • No More Than 3-4 Words Per Line No More Than 6 Lines on a Slide Use Title Case for All Bullet Points
  • Do Not Use Full Sentences or Periods – Phrases ONLY Avoid Using Sub-Bullets If Possible Bullets Must Be Large and Solid Color; We Recommend Found in the Monotype Sorts Font


Graphs and charts are okay if they support the point of the slide, are only 1 point, are not copyrighted, and use freeware from the net, should fill at least 1/4 to 1/3 of slide, or more are clear and easy to see do not get in the way of slide text. Avoid using them if possible, particularly columns of numbers. If you have more than 4 columns at a time, including the topic text at left. If you have more than 4, add multiple pages. If a bar or pie chart will work instead, use one! 

  • Set Chart Backgrounds to Be Transparent
  • Gridlines Must be 6 Point, Recommend Yellow
  • Copy The Chart Into PowerPoint
  • Add Text Boxes In PowerPoint for Labels & Values
  • Do not cut and paste from Excel
  • Lots of zeros are hard to read, so avoid them whenever possible round numbers or use K or M abbreviations. 


Photos are recommended if they relate to the point of the slide. They must not be copyrighted and should be large (Fill at Least 1/2 of the Slide).  Preferably, all photos would be kept separate from text and should only be used as a background if they have high contrast text. We suggest only using one or two photos per slide. 


The best way to play the video is to embed it into your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Organizational Charts, unless They Are VERY short
  • Flow charts that are confusing to the viewer’s eye
  • Mission Statements
  • Overhead Maps: only work when you are referring to a small generalized area

 If you have to display any of the above mentioned, consult with Public Communications to find a better solution in order to display it.


The better prepared you are, the better your chance of reaching the goal of your presentation. Ask Yourself “If I Were In the Audience, How Would I View This?” Sometimes talking about a point is more effective than putting details on a bulleted slide. When you rehearse the visuals in Chambers, sit in the mayor’s seat to see what the Council members will see.

Presentation previews are required. Call the City Clerk’s Office to schedule a rehearsal in Chambers. No later than two weeks before your scheduled presentation date at (727) 562-4090.

For a printable version of the above, please click the below:
City Council PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines