Groundwater Replenishment

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Project Overview

The city of Clearwater is working to ensure the future of our water. After years of thorough analysis and testing, Clearwater has designed and permitted a water plant for the Clearwater Groundwater Replenishment Project.

The city is conducting an analysis of its water system with the development of a master plan for the entire water system. Since the Groundwater Replenishment Project is part of that plan, the city decided in November 2018 to delay the groundwater replenishment project up to two years to complete the water master plan. This analysis will provide options for improving treatment efficiencies and cost-effective measures to maintain future drinking water supplies.

What It Does 

Groundwater replenishment purifies reclaimed water to a quality that is better than bottled water and recharges the aquifer using that purified recycled water. This process is safe and is used throughout the country and the world.

The Goal

The goal is to replenish the aquifer and provide a new local water supply that protects the ecosystem and environment. It also will ensure the sustainability of high-quality drinking water to meet current and future needs of the community.


Current project costs are about $33 million. This project is cooperatively funded by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.


Check out some videos about this innovative project.