Educational Outreach

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Recycling Education

The Solid Waste/Recycling department offers a number of educational opportunities for the Clearwater community.  School presentations are offered for kindergarten through 12th grade. Presentations and recycling displays are also available for businesses, civic organizations, community events and fairs. After-hours presentations may be arranged and are subject to staff availability. Presentations for Earth Day (April 22) and America Recycles Day (Nov. 15) should be made well in advance. Interested residents should call (727) 562-4933 to request a presentation.

Schools and Summer Camps 

Did you know that it takes more energy to mine and produce aluminum than any other metal? The energy it takes to make 4 soda cans is equivalent to filling 1 of these cans with gasoline. Producing aluminum from recycled aluminum cans only takes 5 percent of the energy needed to produce new aluminum.

These are just some of the tips you can learn about the importance of recycling through Clearwater Solid Waste’s free educational outreach program. Through an age-appropriate presentation, solid waste professionals will come to your school or organization to cover the basics of recycling:

  • What is recycling?
  • Why should we recycle?
  • What items can be recycled?
  • What happens to items after they’re recycled?

Home Owners Associations and Apartment Complexes

Would you like to see you community become better recyclers? Invite the Clearwater recycling specialist to attend your next community meeting. A brief “Recycling 101” discussion can allow your members to become more familiar with best recycling practices and also receive educational materials for your community.

Discussions at Work

Host a brief “Lunch and Learn” at your workplace! Discussions can vary from a number of topics including recycling 101, recycling in your specific work place, waste in the United States, and the effect of litter on marine ecosystems. Participating in one of our Lunch and Learn discussions is a great way to get your work place into a more environmental mindset and mix up the monotony of a regular work day.  

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Call (727) 562-4933 for more information or to schedule a presentation.