Leaks & Your Home

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If Your Bill is Unusually High, You Might Have a Leak

Over the years, experience has indicated that water meters are extremely reliable and rarely fail. So, if your utility bill is unusually high, the problem will generally lie with either water usage or leaks.

Here are some examples of the rate of water flow through various apertures, running through a 5/8" meter:

WATER HOSE: 3/4", 100 feet long

  • 13.1 gallons per minute
  • 786 gallons per hr (1.05 units)
  • 18,864 gallons per day (25 units)
  • 565,920 gallons per month (756.6 units*)
  • Total cost - $5,805.25 per month!

TOILET with flapper removed

  • 6.8 gallons per minute
  • 408 gallons per hr (.55 units)
  • 9,792 gallons per day (13.9 units)
  • 293,760 gallons per month (392.7 units*)
  • Total cost - $3,002.62 per month!

TOILET with chain under flapper

  • 1.6 gallons per minute
  • 96 gallons per hr (.13 units)
  • 2,304 gallons per day (3.08 units)
  • 69,120 gallons per month (92.4 units*)
  • Total cost - $688.21 per month!


So be aware that extra garden watering, or leaky fixtures and faucets can really make a difference in your utility bill!


Let's imagine the three dots below are holes through which your water leaks. How many gallons of water would you guess LEAK through each of these size holes in 24 hours:



Get ready for a surprise! Here are the amounts:

º 170 gallons PER DAY!
o 970 gallons PER DAY!
O 3600 gallons PER DAY!


Remember, if there is a leak AFTER the water runs through the meter, the cost will appear on the bill, and have to be paid by the user. Attention to possible LEAKS will not only conserve our precious natural resources, but will help keep YOUR costs as a consumer to a minimum.

For further assistance, call Clearwater's Utility Customer Service Department at (727) 562-4600.