Online Payment FAQs

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  • Why is there a fee to use this service?

    The convenience fee is paid directly to KUBRA, to cover the cost of providing this service to our utility customers.

  • What forms of payment can I use to pay a utility bill online?

    You can pay using your checking or savings account, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Debit or ATM card with the STAR or PULSE logo.

  • How do I know that my payment was completed successfully?

    After completing the payment process, a confirmation page with your confirmation number will be displayed. The confirmation number can be used to track your payment.

  • How will I know if my payment is received before the billing due date?

    Your bill payment should be made prior to the date the bill is due. Payments made after 4 p.m. (EST) will take two (2) business days to process and may be subject to a penalty fee.

  • My transaction was rejected, what must I do now?

    There are multiple reasons that your transaction could be rejected, including:

    • Your routing number or banking account number was entered incorrectly
    • Your credit or debit card number was entered incorrectly
    • The expiration date was entered incorrectly
    • The zip code entered for validation purposes was not the zip code listed on the mailing address of your credit card account.
    • Attempted payment exceeds $2,000 within a 26-day period.

    You may also pay your bill using any of the other available methods, visit this link to find out more..

  • How do I update or verify my paperless bill setting?

    When you enroll on our online bill presentment portal, you are automatically enrolled in paperless statements.  You will no longer receive paper bill in the mail, instead, you will receive a monthly notification when your bill is available to view.  You can update your paperless preferences in the online portal. 
  • I have enabled recurring payments in my online profile, what next?

    Automated or recurring payments are a great way to make sure that your utility bill gets paid on time.  Our 3rd party service provider, Kubra, will send you a notification to confirm the recurring payment.  You will also receive a notification before the payment is scheduled in case you want to modify it in anyway.  Each recurring payment will require your approval, which is as simple as clicking on a link when you receive the notification.
  • A payment I made outside of the online portal is not showing in the online portal, is it applied?

    Payments can be made in a variety of ways, the online portal only reflects payments made or scheduled within the portal.  Your utility bill will reflect any payments made regardless of method of payment. Each time your account bills, the online portal will reflect this balance.

    Click here for a complete listing of our utility bill payment options.

  • I am not receiving text or SMS notifications.

    Please make sure you have not enabled the blacklisting of 5 digit numbers on your device.  In most cases you have to call your provider to verify that blacklisting is disabled.  In some cases you may have installed a blacklisting application on your smartphone or device, this application may need to be set to allow 5 digit numbers to SMS or text.

    Blacklisting is intended to hide messages from you that you're not interested in, for example spam messages, people who are harassing you that you want to ignore, etc

  • I am already setup for Direct Debit or an Automated Payment, do I need to set this up on my online portal?

    If you are an active Direct Debit customer, you do not need to re-enroll for Automatic Payment through KUBRA when you sign up for E-Bill. Your payments will continue to be deducted from your designated bank account 10 days after your bill generates.

  • What if I forgot my Password?

    If you've lost or forgotten your password, you may reset it here:

    You will need the following information to reset your password:

    User name

    Email address

    Account number

    Answers to security questions