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Neighborhood Block Party Information

Neighborhood Block Parties

Block parties are an excellent way to bring a neighborhood together and celebrate community spirit. With a free permit you can temporarily close your street and use the right of way to host a party for your neighbors. If you have any questions about the Block Party application, please contact the city's neighborhood coordinator using the form at the bottom of the page.

Every block party in the public right of way must acquire either a Neighborhoods Services permit or a Special Events permit. You need to obtain a Special Events permit if one of more of the following applies to your event:
  1. You plan to serve or consume alcohol in the public right of way
  2. Your event has more than 300 attendees
  3. Your event will involve food trucks

More information on Special Events permits can be found  here. If you're not sure whether your event requires a Special Events or a Neighborhood Services permit, contact Neighborhood Services to receive assistance.

Block Parties Permits for Parties on Public & Private Property

The city of Clearwater has developed a Block Party Permit application process to help neighborhoods obtain permits quickly and efficiently.

The coordinator for the event should fill out the permit application at least 21 days prior to the event date. The Planning and Development Department will issue the party coordinator a permit letter upon approval, via email, unless otherwise requested by the coordinator.

There are two “tiers” of block parties established by the city: smaller scale block parties that do not include inflatable amusements (example: bounce house) or alcohol in the right-of-way (Tier 1 block parties) and larger-scale parties that include certain identified activities in the right-of-way such as alcohol consumption, cooking and inflatable amusements (Tier 2 block parties).

Please use the following chart to determine what type of permit your block party will require:

For example: A small block party potluck with no alcohol in the public right-of-way, and a closure of a city street with small tents (10’ x 10’ and under) folding tables, and chairs set up on one side of the street to maintain a clear lane for an emergency vehicle, would apply for a Block Party Permit Tier 1.

Block Party Permit Tier

Road Closure

Use of Public Right-of-Way or Park


Insurance Required


Block Party Permit

Tier 1


None or partial closure with clear emergency vehicle access lane



Exclusive use of private property or minimal impact on the public right-of-way with small tents (10’ x 10’ and under), folding tables, and chairs



Exclusively on private property; no alcohol serving allowed on public property or public right-of-way**

None. Few cases may require general liability insurance with the city of Clearwater listed as additionally insured


Block Party Permit

Tier 2


Closure with full use of the public right-of-way


Full use of the public right-of-way for tents larger than 10’ x 10’* folding tables, chairs, inflatable amusements (such as bounce houses) and alcohol service on the public right-of-way


Exclusively on private property; no alcohol serving allowed on public property or public right-of-way unless a Special Events permit has been obtained**

Yes. general liability and liquor (Alcohol) liability insurance with the city of Clearwater listed as additionally insured***


*Tents larger than10’x 10’ will require a tent permit obtained from the Planning & Development Department. This permit is separate from the Block Party Permit. For information on how to obtain a tent permit, call (727) 562-4567.

**Section 6.31 (4) (b) of the Code of Ordinances prohibits the possession of any opened or unsealed container of alcoholic beverage in any public park or right-of-way without the issuance of an alcoholic beverage special event permit. The city of Clearwater does not convey permission to violate that code section.

***If your homeowner association (HOA) does not have insurance to cover your event, the city recommends TULIP Program event insurance for cases in which event insurance is required. To learn more about the TULUP Program and apply, click here ( and search city of Clearwater or enter 4782 - 000 ;in the Venue ID Code box.

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The city of Clearwater hopes you have an enjoyable block party with your neighbors.

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