Clearwater Celebrates Neighborhoods Day

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Image of an Artistic graphic of the Neighborhood Services DepartmentThe annual Clearwater Celebrates Neighborhoods Day, a city-wide block party, will be held SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2019. Each year, communities are encouraged to hold a block party in their neighborhood on the designated day. City leaders and staff members will pay a visit to each block party giving both citizens and the city team members an opportunity to meet, socialize and discuss issues if there are any. It is also an opportunity to show off your bright and beautiful neighborhood.


  • Once again, the ever popular ICE CREAM TRUCK will visit participating block parties, offering free ice cream.
  • Returning this year, an opportunity to apply for a $250 grant. The grant must be used to enhance the party experience and to potentially encourage more neighbors to attend the party. The grant request is located in the Neighborhoods Day application (see link below).
  • City leaders and staff will be available to visit parties between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Please plan your event accordingly if you desire to have City of Clearwater team members attend.

Please fill out the Neighborhoods Day application on or before January 26, 2019. If you have any questions, email the city's Neighborhoods Coordinator or call (727) 562-4559.

We hope you will join us in celebrating Clearwater neighborhoods!

Neighborhood Activity Planning Checklist & Helpful Hints For a Successful Party

  • Identify a coordinator for the event. Fill out the permit application at least 15 days prior to the event date.
  • Ask for help from your neighbors. Then assign duties to others such as publicity, food & refreshments, children’s activities, adult games, entertainment and set-up/breakdown. Note: Section 6.31 (4) (b) of the Code of Ordinances prohibits the possession of any opened or unsealed container of alcoholic beverage in any public park or right-of-way without the issuance of an alcoholic beverage special event permit (can be requested through with a Tier 2 block party application). The City of Clearwater does not convey permission to violate that code section. Please be sure to plan your activity accordingly.
  • Barricades are required if requesting a street closure for your activity. Events scheduled after dark must have lighted barricades. Barricades can be rented from private companies. The Police and Fire Departments will review each permit including the street requested to be closed. An alternative street may be selected if a safety issue is identified. Here are examples of approved barricades.Image of barricades types for block parties
  • Inform neighbors of the scheduling of street closures and times the road will be closed and reopened.
  • If music is part of the block party celebration, please note the music should be turned off at 10:00 P.M. Sunday-Thursday and 11:00 P.M. on Friday. Sound permits are only required in City parks.
  • As food is generally a staple for block parties, consider pot-luck style, or consider having the event catered. A voting contest for the best items (such as a dessert) can also generate more food for the party and add to the festivities. Inquire whether a neighbor has a grill to use at the party.
  • Consider holding an event for the kids to participate, such as a decorated bicycle parade or talent show.
  • Consider kids and adult games and friendly competitions. Possibly a treasure hunt, arts and crafts, etc.
  • Consult with your neighbors about their hidden talents to use in providing entertainment for the party.
  • Invite, via the permit application, members of the Clearwater Police and Fire Departments to the party. Children enjoy the big fire trucks and it gives folks an opportunity to meet the protectors of our community.
  • Place waste and recycling containers near all eating areas. All debris must be cleaned from the street and front yards at the end of the party. Individuals should put out the trash on their regular collection day. Leave nothing behind but memories.
  • And, finally make SURE to take lots of photos. The city has a Facebook page and will post your party photos there. It may encourage other neighborhoods to have their own block party. Photos can be accepted from a smart phone. Submit to Please include, if possible, the names of the persons in the photos, description and neighborhood in which the party was held.

The city of Clearwater hopes you have an enjoyable block party with your neighbors. If you have any questions on the Block Party systems, or to file a permit for future block party, please contact Lawrence Young at 562-4559 if requesting permit letter be sent by some other means than email.

The city of Clearwater hopes you have an enjoyable block party with your neighbors.

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View photos from past Neighborhoods Days.

Image of people gathered for a previous block partyImage of Mayor Cretekos and two children at a previous block party


Image of Mayor Cretekos holding tie dye shirtImage of Ice Cream truck and driver


Large picture of Mayor Cretekos holding tie dyed tee shirt