Frequently Asked Questions

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What geographic area will be included in the master plan?

The master plan will focus on a 50-acre area west of Osceola Avenue, bordered by Drew Street to the north and Court Street to the south. The site includes the Harborview Center, Coachman Park, and the Clearwater Public Library, among other public and privately-owned properties.

What will be included in the master plan?

The master plan will contain recommendations regarding physical improvements to open space and infrastructure assets and the activation of existing buildings and undeveloped parcels, as well as an implementation strategy that will consider phasing, funding and partnership opportunities.

What types of design elements are being considered for the plan?

At this stage in the planning process, all ideas are up for consideration. Discussions with the community will focus on strategies to improve existing waterfront assets, to include green spaces and facilities for events and activities, and to consider potential additional waterfront assets that could appeal to Clearwater residents.

I don’t live in downtown Clearwater. Why should I care?

The goal of this master plan is to create a place that all Clearwater residents will want to visit – whether you live downtown or in other parts of the city. By creating an active downtown waterfront, we believe in the waterfront’s potential to energize activity in this part of Clearwater, attracting all city residents to spend time downtown with their family and friends. In order to achieve this vision, we need input from a diverse array of Clearwater residents.

How will the master plan impact Coachman Park?

Coachman Park is one of the key civic assets of the waterfront area, and its large-scale events have helped to define the City of Clearwater. Public discussions will focus on how best to utilize Coachman Park for the benefit of all Clearwater residents, and the plan may recommend improvements to the park to better meet the community’s goals.

Will parking be included in the plan?

Parking will be a key consideration of the master. A parking strategy will be developed that assesses the area’s parking needs in light of both existing demand and future growth.

When will the master plan be completed?

The master plan is expected to be completed and presented to Clearwater City Council and the public in early November 2016.

How will the city be sharing information about this project?

There are various ways that the City will be communicating with the public throughout this project, including:

Who do I talk to if I have questions or suggestions?

Information on the project will be posted to For questions or suggestions, contact Gina Clayton, the city’s director of Planning and Development, at (727) 562-4587.