Code Compliance Division

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The Code Compliance Division is responsible for attaining compliance with community standards such as property maintenance, land use, parking, signs, water restrictions and public nuisances established in the city's Code of Ordinances and Community Development Code. The division works to gain voluntary compliance through education, communication and cooperation.

Compliance with city codes is meant to help ensure a safe and pleasant environment and to maintain the highest value for your property and neighborhood. Areas that suffer from deterioration, accumulation of debris, overgrowth and other nuisance, result in declining property values and create public safety issues. We actively enforce these standards to ensure that your community and city remains a safe, healthy and economically viable place to live.

Update on Political Signs for the Nov. 8 General Election

Political signs, which fall under the city of Clearwater’s regulations for temporary signs, cannot be erected in any residential or commercial right of way (generally considered 5 feet back from the street or curb line) or on public property in the city. The right-of-way is designed to be kept clear for a number of reasons, including public safety.

Persons who place political signage on the right-of-way or on public property could receive a response from a city Code Compliance Inspector seeking voluntary compliance, removal of illegal signage and/or a Notice to Appear at the Pinellas County Circuit Court for non-compliance.

Below are additional rules that explain what is permissible and not permissible regarding political signage in the city of Clearwater: 

Where can political signs be placed on private property?

If property owners are allowing political signage on their property, the political signs must be placed five feet back from any property line. To see property lines on residential and commercial properties in Pinellas County, you can visit the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office at

How big can political signs be?

The size of a political sign on a residential property cannot be greater than four-square-feet. The size of a political sign on commercial property cannot be greater than 16-square-feet.

How high can political signs be?

Political Signs cannot be taller than six feet in height on both residential and commercial properties.

When must political signs be picked up after the election?

Three days after the election, political signs must be removed from the property.

Should you have any questions, call the Code Compliance Department at 727-562-4720.




Call the Code Compliance Division at (727) 562-4720.