Request to Have Your Property Annexed

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Do you live outside Clearwater city limits (unincorporated Clearwater) and want the benefits of being a Clearwater resident?

You can request to have your property annexed to receive benefits such as sanitary sewer, solid waste and recycling, resident (reduced) parks and recreation rates, and fire and police services.


Step 1.Determine your eligibility 

Your property must meet certain statutory requirements to be eligible for annexation. Please contact Planning and Development staff by calling (727) 562-4567, and ask to speak to a Long Range planner. Staff will review your property and determine if you are eligible for annexation.

If your property is not eligible for annexation, but you still wish to receive city services such as sanitary sewer, or solid waste and recycling, you can enter into an “Agreement to Annex”. This legally binding document allows you to receive available services in advance of annexation while stipulating that once the property becomes contiguous to city limits, the city will initiate and complete the annexation process. It will not matter if you are still the property owner or someone else now owns it.

Step 2.Complete the appropriate paperwork

If your property is eligible for annexation, we will help you to complete a Petition for Annexation. If an Agreement to Annex is needed instead, we will direct you to the appropriate person in the Public Works department, who will be able to assist you in completing that form.

Various information is required for annexation such as a current deed to show ownership and provide the legal description for your property. We also help by filling in your property’s future land use and zoning designations both current, in Pinellas County and what your property will be designated once in the city using the city's Zoning and Future Land Use Map.

You will need to complete certain information and several pages will need to be signed and notarized before we can move forward. Please note: if your property is not a platted lot of record you will be required to submit a signed and sealed property survey with legal description with your petition for annexation. Unplatted lots will not have a subdivision name in the legal description or will have a string of five zeros in the parcel number. You can find your property’s legal description by searching for it on the Pinellas County Property Appraiser’s website.

Step 3.Submit your application

After you have completed the Petition for Annexation and it is signed and notarized, you can submit it a number of ways. You can email the staff member a copy of the petition as a PDF, submit the petition in person by using the drop box in the main lobby of the Municipal Services Building, or you can mail it to the department.

Application review cycles start on the first business day of any month, and applications are due by noon of that day. Please look at the Planning Submittal Calendar to see the next deadline for submission. Any submission made after that deadline will result in the petition being held until the next review cycle.

Step 4.Staff will review your request

Within seven days, we will review your petition to determine if it is complete or if additional information is needed. If anything is missing, we will let you know so you can provide it to make your petition complete. After this, we will send you an email that explains how to track the petition online and the dates for the Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting and the two City Council public hearings.

Important information

Annexations typically take about three months to complete the review and adoption process, mostly due to noticing requirements the city must meet for City Council hearings. Approximately ten (10) days before the date of the first City Council hearing, a yellow notice sign will be posted on the property which contains the property address, case number and type, and the two City Council dates. This sign is a legal requirement, and it must remain visible until after the second City Council hearing date. Unless the property is currently developed, or proposed to be developed, with a detached single-family dwelling, you or your designated agent or representative are encouraged to attend the City Council hearings.

How will annexation affect my taxes?

Most properties will experience estimated increases for the taxes and fees outlined within, ranging from $20.00 to $35.00 per month, in future years. To best determine an estimate for how your property taxes will change upon annexation, please visit the Forward Pinellas Truth in Annexation webpage. That page has an interactive worksheet which will allow you to enter current tax and utility bills to provide an estimated tax and utility bill after annexation.

Sanitary Sewer: City code requires that residences connect to the city’s sanitary sewer system if it is “reasonably available.” If the system is available and you are not already connected, you will be provided notice and given 90 days to connect. If you are already receiving sanitary sewer service, any surcharges for previous sanitary sewer service outside the city limits - upon annexation - will be eliminated.

Solid Waste & Recycling: In addition to weekly garbage collection for single-family residences, Clearwater provides weekly bulk trash and yard waste collection, as well as a full-service curbside recycling program. You will be allowed to conclude your current contract with your private solid waste provider before receiving solid waste and recycling services. Clearwater Customer Service will work with you to determine when your contract ends and when the city will deliver a black barrel and a blue recycling cart to you to begin collection. You may also opt to cancel your private service sooner and initiate city Solid Waste services prior to annexation being complete. Please contact Solid Waste/General Services for current rates at (727) 562-4920 or learn more about the City of Clearwater’s recycling guidelines.

Water: If you are receiving city water, surcharges for out-of-city use will be eliminated. Annexation will allow you to connect to the city’s public water system if your property is currently on a private well and you choose to connect. If you are already in an existing Pinellas County water service area, your water provider will remain the same.

Stormwater Utility: Stormwater utility fees are used for engineering services, operation and maintenance of the stormwater infrastructure, and capital improvements to control flooding and improve water quality. The stormwater management system collects, treats, and conveys stormwater. These utility fees are also used to pay for drainage system maintenance and to plan for future collection systems. Upon annexation, your utility bill will reflect the addition of this fee. For more information on utility billing current rates and customer support, please call (727) 562-4600.

Police Department: City of Clearwater Police provide patrol, law enforcement, crime prevention and other related services. The department reaches out to Clearwater’s residents through community meetings, social media, and the department’s website.

Police patrol operations are currently divided into geographic districts. Each is under the command of a lieutenant who is the district commander and your primary point of contact for non-emergency questions or concerns. However, in an emergency, always call 9-1-1. Visit for more information on the City’s Police Department, its programs, and services.

Security Systems: All home alarm systems in the City must be registered with the Clearwater Police Department. If you have a home security system, please fill out our online application.

Fire & Rescue Services: You will continue to be served by Clearwater Fire & Rescue for fire and emergency medical services. The department serves the community through eight fire stations strategically located throughout the city. Learn more about about the Clearwater Fire Department and what would be your neighborhood fire station.

Parks and Recreation: You will have access to recreational programs offered by the city such as athletics, older adult, cultural, aquatics, camps, fitness, dance, and nature programs at the city’s recreation facilities at a resident rate. For more information regarding parks and recreation services, please visit

Library: The Clearwater Public Library System is part of the Pinellas County Public Library Cooperative, which serves residents in its member cities. For information on the Clearwater Library System, including frequently asked questions, please visit the library's website.