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Frequently Called Numbers and Clearwater Connect

To contact any of the following departments, call the listed phone number:

Clearwater Connect

You can also contact the city of Clearwater by selecting a category that best matches your concern in Clearwater Connect. A ticket will be opened, which will allow you to track your request online and view any steps taken to resolve the issue.

If you're not sure where to find what you need, try using our A - Z Index or search our website.

Department Phone Numbers

Para información en Español, contacte el enlace hispano al (727) 562-4047.

Government Officials

The city of Clearwater has a council/manager form of government, and the city manager serves as the chief executive and administrative officer of the city. The Clearwater City Council is comprised of the mayor and four councilmembers, who are elected to serve four-year terms. The council is responsible for setting policies and making decisions on local government issues, including tax rates, annexations, re-zonings, and large purchases and construction contracts.

The council seeks to maintain Clearwater’s reputation as an innovative leader in the delivery of municipal services while developing programs, practices, policies and procedures that work within a conservative budget. The council strives to achieve a high level of citizen satisfaction.

Council meetings are usually held on the first and third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Clearwater Main Library, 100 N. Osceola Ave. Work sessions usually are held at 1 p.m. on Mondays preceding council meetings. The public is permitted and encouraged to speak at these meetings. Contact the City Clerk's Office at (727) 562-4093 for additional information.

Contact Information

The city of Clearwater welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Mayor Frank Hibbard
Phone (727) 562-4050
Fax (727) 562-4052

City Councilmembers: Mark Bunker, Kathleen Beckman, David Allbritton, Lina Teixeira
Phone (727) 562-4050
Fax (727) 562-4052

Mailing Address

Offices of the City Council
P.O. Box 4748
Clearwater, Fla. 33758-4748

City Departments and Services

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Airpark: (727) 443-3433
1000 N. Hercules Ave.

Beach Safety: (727) 462-6963
Lifeguards, beach safety, rules and regulations.

City Audit: (727) 562-4545
City Utility (Public Service) taxes and franchise fees, questions and concerns: Cable Television, Telecommunications, Electric, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and Propane.

City Clerk's Office: (727) 562-4090
City archives, records management, Council agendas and minutes, elections, public hearings, advisory boards, and city clerk.

City Manager's Office: (727) 562-4040
Chief executive and administrative officer.

City Councilmembers: (727) 562-4050
Elected representatives of the city.

Code Compliance: (727) 562-4720

C-VIEW TV: (727) 562-4682
City-operated cable station, council and board meetings.

Customer Service: (727) 562-4600
Water, sewer, gas, solid waste and recycling startup, utility billing, meter reading, and payment. Account turn-ons/turn-offs.

Development Review: (727) 562-4604
Zoning information, site plan review, and temporary use.

Economic Development: (727) 562-4220
Business assistance.

Emergency Management: (727) 562-4334
The coordination center for citywide disaster preparation, mitigation, response and recovery programs; serves as the city’s Homeland Security Office. Works with citizen groups to assist with the preparation of personal storm plans.

Disaster and Storm Information: (727) 562-4363

Emergency Manager: (727) 562-4334 ext. 3205
The coordination center for citywide disaster preparation, mitigation, response and recovery programs; serves as the city’s Homeland Security Office. Works with citizen groups to assist with the preparation of personal storm plans.

Emergency Information (Pinellas County): (727) 464-4333

Engineering: (727) 562-4747
Prepares project plans; produces designs and AutoCAD drawings for house, street, and utility atlases; oversees the development of city projects; road planning and operations; parking system and environmental management.

Traffic Signal Repair: (727) 562-4750

Sign Replacement & Repair: (727) 562-4750
Street Light Repair: (727) 562-4747 (opt. 5)
Power Outage (Duke Energy Florida): (727) 443-2641
City Engineer: (727) 562-4750
Environmental & Stormwater Management: (727) 562-4750
Stormwater: (727) 562-4950
Parking System: (727) 562-4704
City Construction Project Questions: (727) 562-4509
Traffic Signal Repairs - After Hours/Weekends: Police Communications Center at (727) 562-4242

Fire and Rescue: (727) 562-4334
Fire and EMS services, prevention and education; in an emergency, call 911.

Fire Prevention/Life Safety: (727) 562-4327
Commercial and Assisted Living Facilities residential inspections; fire investigation; prevention and education.

Gas System (Natural & Propane Gas): (727) 562-4980
Gas utility services, natural gas fueling station, appliance sales, appliance installation/repair, propane (LP) and natural gas service for residential and commercial applications.

Service and Repair: (727) 562-4900 ext. 7419
Emergency Service/Gas Leaks: (727) 462-6633
Call Before You Dig: 811

Housing Division: (727) 562-4030
Home rehabilitation and purchasing assistance, non-profit public service/facility improvement grants.

Human Resources: (727) 562-4870
Employment opportunities, recruitment and selection services.

Library (All branches): (727) 562-4970
Online services, reference assistance and programs.

Marine and Aviation: (727) 562-4955
Clearwater Beach Marina, Clearwater Harbor Marina, Pier 60, Seminole Boat Ramp, Clearwater Airpark, Clearwater Community Sailing Center.

Mayor’s Office: (727) 562-4050

Official Records & Legislative Services: (727) 562-4090
City archives, records management, council agendas and minutes, elections, public hearings, advisory boards, and city clerk.

Long-Range Planning: (727) 562-4547
Rezoning and land use, plan amendments, annexation, special area plans and growth management.

Registration Services: (727) 562-4559

Parks and Recreation: (727) 562-4800
Recreation centers, parks, fitness programs, sports, classes, cultural and environmental programs, and beautification and maintenance of park properties.

Sidewalk and Street Repair: (727) 562-4800
Urban Forestry: (727) 562-4800

Pier 60: (727) 462-6466
Fishing pier on Clearwater Beach.

Planning & Development: (727) 562-4567
Permitting, planning development reviews, code compliance.

Construction Services: (727) 562-4567
Building permits and inspection.

Building Inspections: (727) 562-4580
Building Plans Review: (727) 562-4567

Code Compliance: (727) 562-4720
Code enforcement, property maintenance codes, public nuisance, property violations and business tax receipts (occupational licenses).

Fire Inspections: (727) 562-4327
Neighborhood Services: (727) 562-4559

Police (Non-emergency): (727) 562-4242
General information, reports, investigations, and neighborhood watch.

Public Communications: (727) 562-4682
City information, calendar of events, media relations, C-VIEW TV, graphics, MyClearwater magazine.

Public Utilities Department: (727) 562-4960
Water, sanitary sewers, reclaimed water, industrial pretreatment, laboratory and water facilities.

Water: (727) 562-4960 ext. 7227
Sewer: (727) 562-4960 ext. 7226
Reclaimed Water: (727) 562-4960 ext. 7226
Industrial Pretreatment: (727) 562-4994 ext. 2
Grease Prevention Program: (727) 562-4994, ext. 8 & ext. 9
Industrial Wastewater Discharge: (727) 562-4994, ext. 2
Liquid Waste Haulers/Transporters: (727) 562-4994, ext. 2
Laboratory: (727) 562-4995

Water Plants:

Water Reclamation Facilities:

Recycling: (727) 562-4920
Commercial, residential curbside and multi-family recycling

Sailing Center: (727) 517-7776
Sailing classes, membership and sailboat storage

Solid Waste (Garbage): (727) 562-4920
Trash and yard waste collection

Administration: (727) 562-4930

Accessibility Services

Ensuring compliance to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, curb ramps have been installed throughout the city, making city sidewalks wheelchair accessible. Refer to our accessibility statement by clicking here to see how Clearwater helps improve accessibility for its residents and visitors.

Clearwater Municipal Marina has installed a lift system that meets ADA requirements and can accommodate handicapped boaters and guests. The lift system provides access to and from boats by persons in wheelchairs. The lift is available from daily 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., except Christmas. Please call (727) 562-4955 to make advance arrangements. The marina also has a wheelchair lift in the lobby of the building to provide access to services located on the second floor.

Sand wheelchairs are available free of charge from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily at the Beach Guard building located on the south end of the Pier 60 parking lot. For more information about sand wheelchairs, call (727) 462-6963.

Clearwater’s aquatic facilities are ADA compliant. The Long Center training pool, North Greenwood pool, Ross Norton pool, and Clearwater Beach pool all have wheelchair ramps. The Long Center main pool and Morningside pool have lifts. The Long Center pool is open year-round; the other pools are open seasonally.

The Solid Waste/General Services Department offers special pickup services for qualified elderly or disabled residents. For more information, call (727) 562-4920.

Lighthouse of Pinellas: (727) 544-4433

Deaf and Hearing Connection: (727) 399-9983

People with Handicap Parking Permits (County): (727) 464-7777

Barrier Island Re-Entry Pass

If you own property on Clearwater's barrier island, click here to learn more about the Barrier Island Re-Entry Pass.

Beaches & Waterways

With miles of soft white sand and sparkling waterways, Clearwater’s beaches rate among the best in the state and the nation. Enjoy it all, but please observe the following beach rules:

  • Clearwater’s beaches are open every day, year-round.
  • Beach Guards are on duty daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • No alcohol is permitted on the beach.
  • Swim within the Designated Swim area at all times. This area extends 300 feet west of the high-water line and is clearly marked by buoys or pilings.
  • Boaters and jet skiers are not allowed inside the Designated Swim area.
  • When the water reaches about 70 degrees in the spring, remember to do the “Stingray Shuffle” to scatter the rays and avoid injury from their tail barbs.

Clearwater Beach

Hours: Open daily with beach lifeguards on duty from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: West on State Road 60, served by Jolley Trolley
Features: Best City Beach on the Gulf of Mexico and in the United States with miles of white sand and gentle surf. Beach Walk.
Activities: Swimming, volleyball, Pier 60 fishing
Facilities: Beach showers, restrooms, concessions, cabanas, umbrella rentals and metered parking 

Pier 60

Hours: 24 Hours
Dec. 1 to Feb. 28, open 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Mar. 1 to Nov. 30, open 24 hours, Fridays and Saturdays, open 24 hours.
Location: Clearwater Beach. Pier is located along the Beach Walk promenade along the Gulf of Mexico.
Features: Sunsets at Pier 60, every evening two hours before to two hours after sunset. Local artists, craftspeople and performers offer merchandise and unique entertainment at this famous landmark.
Activities: Fishing, shopping, dining and entertainment
Facilities: Restrooms, snack shop, covered pavilions, park playground, telescopes, rod rentals, bait and tackle. Daily, weekly and yearly fishing passes are available for a fee.

Sand Key Park

Hours: Open daily until dark
Location: South of Clearwater Pass Bridge off Gulf Blvd., served by Jolley Trolley
Features: A 65-acre park
Activities: Swimming and picnic areas
Facilities: Beach showers, restrooms, and metered parking

Conference & Facility Rentals

Clearwater Beach Library and Recreation Center: (727) 462-6138
69 Bay Esplanade

Clearwater Community Sailing Center: (727) 517-7776
1001 Gulf Blvd.

Clearwater Country Club: (727) 446-9501
525 N. Betty Lane

Countryside Recreation Center: (727) 669-1914
2640 Sabal Springs Drive

The Long Center: (727) 562-4905
1501 N. Belcher Road

Morningside Recreation Complex: (727) 562-4280
2400 Harn Blvd.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park: (727) 562-4315
2750 Park Trail Lane

North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatic Complex: (727) 562-4590
900 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

Ross Norton Recreation Complex and Extreme Sports Park: (727) 562-4380
1426 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. 

Courts (County)

Clerk of Court Information Line: (727) 464-7000
Civil, Clerk of Circuit Court, Criminal, Juvenile, Official Records, Small Claims, Traffic, Paying Tickets, Evictions

Probate: (727) 464-3321

Customer Service

Utility Customer Service: (727) 562-4600
Utility Customer Service is responsible for meter reading, billing, payment processing, collections and contact activities for customers of the city of Clearwater’s eight utilities: water, lawn meters, reclaimed water, wastewater (sewer), stormwater, solid waste, recycling, and the Clearwater Gas System. Account turn-ons / turn-offs.

C-View TV

Council Meeting Broadcast: (727) 562-4682
C-View TV is the city’s government access cable television station. Watch city meetings live and replayed on Spectrum (channel 638), Wow! (Channel 15) and Frontier (Channel 30). Council meetings are closed-captioned for the hearing impaired. Meetings can be accessed through streaming by clicking here.

Drivers Licenses

Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office: (727) 464-7777
29399 U.S. 19 N., Suite 100
1663 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd.

Economic Development

Economic Development Department: (727) 562-4220
Assists businesses that locate, relocate or expand in the city of Clearwater. Fosters the growth of wealth and value-added jobs. Assists with redevelopment projects, Enterprise Zone incentives and environmental issues.

Emergency Management

The coordination center for citywide disaster preparation, mitigation, response and recovery programs; serves as the city’s Homeland Security Office. Works with citizen groups to assist with the preparation of personal storm plans.

Disaster and Storm Information: (727) 562-4363

Emergency Manager: (727) 562-4334

Emergency Information (Pinellas County): (727) 464-4333


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Federal): (800) 669-4000
Investigates Job Discrimination

Pinellas County Office of Human Rights (Local Complaints): (727) 464-4880

Social Security: (800) 772-1213

Workers’ Compensation State: (800) 342-1741

St. Petersburg Office: (727) 893-2321

CareerSource Pinellas: (727) 524-4344 (Employment & Unemployment -

Entertainment & Attractions

BayCare Ballpark: (727) 712-4300
601 Old Coachman Road
The home of the Philadelphia Phillies spring training and Clearwater Threshers has fixed seating for 7,000 and can accommodate another 1,000 fans on a grassy berm area. The beautiful state-of-the-art facility also offers fan amenities, including concessions, a food court, party suites, a Tiki bar overlooking the playing field and children’s play area, just to name a few.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: (727) 441-1790
249 Windward Passage, Island Estates, Clearwater Beach
Live and model exhibits of area marine life including, otters, dolphins and sea turtles. Home of Winter the dolphin as seen in the Dolphin Tale movies.

Ream Wilson East-West Trail
The 4.4-mile trail is designed to provide a safe, off-road, cross-county route for leisure and commuter travel. Access and parking are available at The Long Center, Coachman Ridge Park, Northeast Coachman Park, Cliff Stephens Park, Eddie C. Moore Softball Complex, Del Oro Park and Cooper’s Bayou Park.

Moccasin Lake Environmental Education Center: (727) 793-2976
2750 Park Trail Lane
A 50-acre park featuring a lake, upland forest, wetlands, many plant and animal species and an educational center.

Pinellas Trail: (727) 582-2100
A unique biking/jogging/skating trail that stretches 34 miles throughout Pinellas County. The trail starts in St. Petersburg, travels through Clearwater, and ends in Tarpon Springs. Part of Park & Conservation Resources of Largo.

Ruth Eckerd Hall: (727) 791-7400
1111 McMullen Booth Road
The Richard Baumgartner Center for the Performing Arts is the area’s premier venue for professional theatre, music and dance. It also houses the Marcia P. Hoffman School for the Performing Arts. Ruth Eckerd Hall is one of three area halls where the Florida Orchestra performs regularly.

Pier 60 Fishing Pier & Pier 60 Park: (727) 462-6466
1 Causeway Blvd.
A 1,080-foot-fishing pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Benches, telescopes, snack bar, fishing, rod rentals, bait, and tackle are available. The park at the foot of the pier has picnic tables, a playground area, a large pavilion and a breathtaking view.

Capitol Theatre: (727) 791-7400
405 Cleveland St.
The Capitol Theatre is a historic theatre in Clearwater with a seating capacity of 750 people. It is owned by the city of Clearwater and is managed by Ruth Eckerd Hall. The Capitol Theatre is an art deco-style venue that hosts a mix of events from comedy acts to musicals, plays to film screenings.

Francis Wilson Playhouse: (727) 446-1360
302 Seminole St.
The Francis Wilson Playhouse is a community theatre that offers musicals and popular plays for an audience of about 170 people.

Clearwater Historical Society: (727) 446-4250
The Clearwater Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization that documents and promotes the rich history of Clearwater. It collects and preserves artifacts and also provides knowledge to educational facilities and members of the public. The society designates, chronicles and preserves historic sites. The group accepts new members or donations.

Plumb House Museum: (727) 754-8019
1380 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

Landings Golf Club of Clearwater: (727) 447-5272
1875 Airport Drive
The Landings Golf Club of Clearwater (formerly known as Clearwater Executive Golf Course) was established in 1970. The land was originally used as an airpark in the early 1930s, which was owned by the Fugazzi family, who gave portions of the land to the city of Clearwater. The golf course was designed by Ron Garl, whose mission was to design and build memorable courses that challenge players to excel and that everyone can play and enjoy. The course is currently owned and operated by the family of PGA Tour golf professional, John Huston.


Clearwater is dedicated to maintaining a balance between its fragile ecosystem and the needs of its residents.

Cooperative Extension Service (County): (727) 582-2100
Department of Environmental Protection Information Line (State): (800) 741-4337
Environmental Management Code Enforcement (County): (727) 464-4761
Environmental Division, Stormwater Management: (727) 562-4750
Gas Leak Reporting (24 hours): (727) 462-6633
Hazardous Waste Disposal (County): (727) 464-7500
Mulch Sites: (727) 562-4930
Recycling: (727) 562-4920
Sewer Spill Reporting (7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.): (727) 562-4960 ext. 7249
Sewer Spill Reporting (3:30 p.m.-7 a.m.): (727) 462-6633
Solid Waste Operations (County): (727) 464-7500
Water Conservation and Watering Days: (727) 562-4987
City Water Testing: (727) 562-4960 ext. 7227
County Water Testing: (727) 582-2302
Water Leak Reporting (7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.): (727) 562-4960 ext. 7231
Water Leak Reporting (3:30 p.m.-7 a.m.): (727) 462-6633
Water Conservation Devices: (727) 562-4960

Events Calendar

The city of Clearwater offers events, programs and activities for everyone. The calendar of events is available online at

Federal Information

Federal Operator: (800) 688-9889
Directory assistance information for federal government departments, programs, and resources (1-800-FED-INFO). Visit online at

Internal Revenue Service: (800) 829-1040

Medicare: (800) 829-1040

Social Security: (800) 829-1040

Fire & Rescue

The Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department provides four-to six-minute response times throughout the city. The department provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, water rescue and technical rescue in confined spaces and high-angle incidents. It also provides life safety and hazard inspections for commercial buildings to ensure fire code compliance and public safety.

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency Information

Administration: (727) 562-4334

Pinellas County Citizens Information Center: (727) 464-4333
Activated during emergencies only.

Emergency Management Pinellas County: (727) 464-3800
Includes evacuation information.

Emergency Medical Services (Sunstar) Billing Inquiries: (727) 582-2008
Non-emergency ambulance transport (Sunstar): (727) 587-2111
Public Safety Information Officer: (727) 562-4333
Inspection and Prevention: (727) 562-4327


  • #44: 950 Gulf Blvd. (Sand Key)
  • #45: 1140 Court St. (Main)
  • #46: 534 Mandalay Ave. (Clearwater Beach)
  • #47: 1460 Lakeview Road
  • #48: 1700 N. Belcher Road (Across from the Long Center)
  • #49: 520 Sky Harbor Drive (Next to Clearwater Mall)
  • #50: 2681 Countryside Blvd. (East of Countryside Mall)
  • #51: 1720 Overbrook Ave.

Gas Service

Clearwater Gas System supplies money-saving natural and propane gas service and appliances to residents of 20 municipalities in north Pinellas and southwest Pasco counties. Gas System Technicians provide piping and appliance installation, service and repair of gas appliances.

Clearwater Gas System Sales: (727) 562-4980

Clearwater Gas System Service & Repair: (727) 562-4900 ext. 7419

Natural or Propane Gas Emergency: (727) 462-6633


Lease Countryside: (727) 725-6111
3231 McMullen Booth Road

Morton Plant: (727) 462-7000
300 Pinellas St.


Housing Division: (727) 562-4030
Housing provides home rehabilitation and purchasing assistance, and non-profit public service/facility improvement grants.

Clearwater Housing Authority: (727) 461-5777
Clearwater Neighborhood Housing Services: (727) 442-4155
RCS Grace House Family Emergency Shelter: (727) 446-5964
Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP): (727) 442-9041

Legal Advice & Services

State Attorney’s Office: (727) 464-6221

Clearwater Bar Association: (727) 461-4869

Complaints Against Businesses: (727) 464-6200
Department of Justice/Pinellas Office of Consumer Protection

Eviction: (727) 582-6240
Handled by Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Gulfcoast Legal Services: (727) 443-0657
Legal Aid

Law Library: (727) 464-3411

Lawyer Referral Service: (727) 461-4880

Liens (City of Clearwater): (727) 562-4093

Liens (Clerk of the County Court): (727) 464-4876

Public Defender (State): (727) 464-6516


The Clearwater Public Library System is rated among the top in the nation. With a collection of more than half a million items and a comprehensive website, browsers can access many library services, including adult and a children’s programs, various online databases and digital resources. The library website can be accessed at The Clearwater Public Library is a member of the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative.

Clearwater Public Libraries: (727) 562-4970

  • Main Library: 100 N. Osceola Ave.
  • Beach Branch: 69 Bay Esplanade
  • East Community Library: 2465 Drew St.
  • Countryside Branch: 2642 Sabal Springs Drive
  • North Greenwood Branch: 905 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

Pinellas Talking Book Library: (727) 441-9958

Marine Facilities & Services

Clearwater Beach Marina: (727) 562-4955
25 Causeway Blvd.
Sightseeing, dinner, party and chartered fishing boats, boat rentals, parasailing, diving, sailing and dolphin-watching vessels are available. The marina features restaurants, a barber shop, a gift shop and a coffee/ice-cream shop. It has a free fishing pier with free pump-outs for all boaters. Permanent and transient boat slip rentals and marine fuels are available. Fuel docks are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily, except for Christmas.

Clearwater Community Sailing Center: (727) 517-7776
1001 Gulf Blvd.
Youth, basic and intermediate sailing classes are offered, and a sailing membership program is available. The center features yoga and other activities, launching ramps, a large banquet room, and meeting rooms available for rent. Programs for people with special needs are provided through the Sailability program.

Clearwater Harbor Marina: (727) 562-4981
210 Drew St.
In addition to 126 boat slips, 1,556 feet of overnight side-tie mooring for visitors and more than 700 feet of side-tie mooring for daytime visits and special events are available.

Seminole Boat Ramp: (727) 562-4955
201 Seminole St.
Eight launch lanes are available at the Seminole Boat Ramp, and launching your vessel is free of charge. Truck and trailer parking is available for $6 for 24 hours.


The Parking System is run by the city's Engineering Department and manages nearly 4,000 on- and off-street public parking spaces in downtown and Clearwater Beach. Hourly rates vary from 25 cents to $3, depending on location. All beach parking is enforced daily, while downtown parking is enforced Monday through Friday.

For your convenience, the Parking System offers a variety of parking programs, permits and ParkMobile, a parking app that enables you to pay for all beach and downtown parking by using a free mobile app. ParkMobile offers an easy, alternative payment option to cash and coin. Pay from any smartphone, mobile device or our website. You will receive a text reminder when your parking session is about to expire so you can extend your time.

Clearwater Parking System: (727) 562-4704

Parking System Hotline: (727) 562-4892

Parking Citations (Toll-Free): (800) 969-6158

Parks & Recreation

The Clearwater Parks and Recreation Department has a positive impact on the quality of life for residents and visitors by providing wholesome leisure opportunities and enhanced beautification throughout the community. Stop by any Clearwater recreation center, facility or park, and see what they have to offer.

Clearwater Parks & Recreation Department: (727) 562-4800

Special Events Permits: (727) 562-4800, ext. 0

Special event permits are available for the following:

  • Public events (triathlons/ other races, festivals, markets)
  • Park use (sports tournaments and picnics)
  • Private events (weddings, family reunions) 

Permitting, Zoning & Licensing

Address Change: (727) 562-4750
Public Works

Alcoholic Beverage/Tobacco License: (850) 487-1395
State Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Annexation: (727) 562-4579
Planning & Development

Building Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Business Tax Receipt (Occupational Licenses): (727) 562-4720
Planning & Development

Clearing & Grubbing Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Construction in Rights-of-Way: (727) 562-4750

Demolition Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Dock Approval: (727) 562-4604
Planning & Development

Doggie Dining Permit: (727) 562-4720
Planning & Development

Electrical Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Fence Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Fingerprinting: (727) 562-4441

Fireworks: (727) 562-4327
Fire & Rescue

Gas Piping or Gas Appliance Installation: (727) 562-4900 ext. 7419
Clearwater Gas System

Grease Interceptor Registration: (727) 562-4994 ext. 8
Public Utilities

Handbill Permit: (727) 562-4448

Heating Fuel Tanks: (727) 538-7277 ext. 1136
Installation and removal of regulated underground (greater than 110 gallons) and above-ground (greater than 550 gallons) tanks.

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permits: (727) 562-4994 ext. 2
Public Utilities

Liquid Hauler Transporters Permit: (727) 562-4994 ext. 2
Public Utilities

Low-Speed Vehicles/Pedicabs: (727) 562-4720
Planning & Development

Mechanical Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Occupational License (Business Tax Receipt): (727) 562-4720
Planning & Development

Open Burn Permit: (727) 562-4327
Fire & Rescue

Parking Permits: (727) 562-4704
Downtown permits and validations, resident and beach employee permits, pre-paid parking card

Petroleum/Chemical Storage Tanks: (727) 562-4742
Underground and above-ground installations, removals and upgrades

Pinellas County Contractor License: (727) 582-3100
Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board

Planning Information & Applications: (727) 562-4604
Planning & Development

Plumbing Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Recovered Materials Dealer Permit: (727) 562-4930
Solid Waste

Red Light Tickets: (727) 562-4166

Rezoning: (727) 562-4579
Planning & Development

Roll-off Container Service: (727) 562-4920
Solid Waste

Sign Banner Permit: (727) 562-4604
Planning & Development

Site Plan Approval: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Solicitor Permit: (727) 562-4152

Special Event Permit: (727) 562-4805
Parks & Recreation

State Contractor License: (850) 487-1395
State Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Name Changes: (727) 562-4750

Tent Permit: (727) 562-4567
Planning & Development

Tree Removal Permit
Planning & Development

Utility Tax Collection: (727) 562-4524

Vacation of Easements: (727) 562-4750
Vacation of Rights-of-Way: (727) 562-4750
Well Drilling Permit: (813) 985-7481 ext. 3052

Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Zoning Information: (727) 562-4604
Planning & Development

Pinellas County

Auto & Boat Registration (Tax Collector): (727) 464-7777
Birth & Death Records (Vital Statistics): (727) 507-4330 ext. 7613
Burial Help (A Life Tribute): (727) 559-7793
Child Care License: (727) 507-4857
Communications Department: (727) 464-4600
Department of Health: (727) 469-5800
Disabled Parking Permit (Tax Collector): (727) 464-7777
Evictions: (727) 464-7000
Dog & Cat License (Animal Services): (727) 582-2600
Fishing & Hunting License: (727) 464-7777
Human Rights: (727) 464-4880
Information Desk: (727) 464-7000
Marriage License (Clerk of the Court): (727) 464-7000
Passport (Clerk of the Court): (727) 464-7000
Pinellas County Jail: (727) 464-6415
Pinellas County Schools: (727) 588-6000
Property Appraiser: (727) 464-3207
Safe Harbor: (727) 464-8058
School Board: (727) 588-6300
Sheriff’s Office: (727) 582-6200
Supervisor of Elections: (727) 464-8683
Tax Collector: (727) 464-7777
Veterans Services: (727) 464-8460


Clearwater prides itself on the dedication of its police department, whose purpose is to provide impartial, professional and community-oriented services designed to protect and enrich the lives of Clearwater’s citizens. The Clearwater Police Department is a state-accredited agency.

Emergency: 911

Headquarters: (727) 562-4242

General Information

Substations (Not staffed 24 hours a day)

Beach: (727) 462-6380
700 Bayway Blvd.

Countryside: (727) 562-4255
2851 McMullen Booth Road

North Greenwood: (727) 462-6216
1310 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

South Greenwood: (727) 462-6965
1498 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

Citizens Hotline: (727) 562-4080
Fraud Hotline: (727) 562-4424
Personnel: (727) 562-4181
To report a crime: (727) 562-4242
To report an accident: (727) 562-4242
To obtain an accident report: (727) 562-4441
Vice & Intelligence: (727) 562-4490
Victim Assistance Program: (727) 562-4350

Post Offices

Information: (800) 275-8777


  • 100 Belcher Road S.
  • 1851 N. Hercules Ave.
  • 650 Cleveland St.
  • 25941 U.S. 19 N.
  • 4600 140th Ave. N.

Pinellas County Schools

Main Number: (727) 588-6000
Community Involvement: (727) 588-6405
Dropout Prevention: (727) 588-6069
Education Foundation: (727) 588-4816
GED Information: (727) 588-6326
Homework Helpline (Monday - Thursday, 5-8 p.m.): (727) 547-7223
Pinellas County School Board: (727) 588-6300
School Bus Information (Transportation): (727) 547-7294

Elementary Schools (Public)

Middle Schools (Public)

High Schools (Public)

Alternative Schools

Charter Schools

Adult Education

A complete list is available at

Recreation Facilities

Aging Well Center: (727) 724-3070
1501 N. Belcher Road (In The Long Center) 

Clearwater Beach Library and Recreation Complex: (727) 462-6138
69 Bay Esplanade

Countryside Recreation Center/Community Park: (727) 669-1914
2640 Sabal Springs Drive

Clearwater Community Sailing Center: (727) 517-7776
1001 Gulf Blvd.

Henry L. McMullen Tennis Complex: (727) 669-1919
1000 Edenville Ave.

Horseshoe Club: (727) 723-0695
1326 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

Lawn Bowls Club: (727) 742-3394
1040 Calumet St.

Long Center: (727) 562-4905
1501 N. Belcher Road

Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Family Center: (727) 442-5355
900 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park: (727) 562-4315
2750 Park Trail Lane

Morningside Recreation Complex: (727) 562-4280
2400 Harn Blvd.

North Greenwood Recreation & Aquatic Complex: (727) 562-4590
900 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

Ross Norton Recreation & Aquatic Complex & Extreme Sport Park: (727) 562-4380
1426 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.

Shuffleboard Club: (727) 446-3306
1020 Calumet St.

Services for Older Adults

Clearwater offers seniors a variety of services such as health care, housing, employment and transportation assistance.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP): (866) 595-7678 

Elder Helpline: (727) 217-8111
Florida Department of Elder Affairs: (850) 414-2000
Meals on Wheels: (727) 573-9444
Medicare: (800) 633-4227
Clearwater Office on Aging/Aging Well Center: (727) 724-3070
Area Agency on Aging Helpline of Pinellas-Pasco: (800) 963-5337

Social Security: (800) 772-1213
2340 Drew St.

Shelters & Assistance

A range of services for domestic violence victims, the homeless and others in need of emergency or temporary assistance are provided in Clearwater.

2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares: 2-1-1
Crisis Intervention Helpline: (727) 535-9811
Department of Children and Families: (813) 558-5500
Family Resources (Safe Place for Youth): (727) 449-8336
Food Pantry (RCS Food Bank): (727) 443-4031
Free Clinic: (727) 447-3041
Grace House Homeless Shelter: (727) 446-5964
Guardian Ad Litem: (727) 464-6528
Haven (Domestic Violence): (727) 442-4128
Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP): (727) 442-9041
Pinellas Opportunity Council: (727) 823-4101
Medicaid: (866) 762-2237
Medicare: (800) 633-4227
Rape Crisis Center (Counseling): (727) 530-7273
Runaway Hotline: (800) 786-2929
Safe Harbor (Pinellas County Sheriff): (727) 464-8058

Solid Waste/General Services & Recycling

Solid Waste/General Services: (727) 562-4920

The Solid Waste/General Services Department offers a full range of residential and commercial waste management services, including once-weekly garbage collection; curbside recycling, yard waste and trash pickup once a week; and bulk item pickup (including scrap metal and used appliances) on call.

The department also furnishes recycling services to the multi-family and business sectors, and operates a multi-material drop-off center at the complex located at 1701 N Hercules Ave.

Free recycled yard waste mulch is also available at this site and at Moccasin Lake Nature Park, 2750 Park Trail Lane.

Sports Facilities & Complexes

Carpenter Field Complex: (727) 669-1810
651 Old Coachman Road

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Course: (727) 726-4673
3030 McMullen Booth Road

Clearwater Country Club: (727) 446-2240
525 Betty Lane N.

Countryside Sports Complex: (727) 562-3839
3060 McMullen Booth Road

McMullen Tennis Complex: (727) 669-1919
1000 Edenville Ave.

State of Florida

AIDS Hotline: (800) FLA-AIDS
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Helpline: (800) 851-3291

Department of Children and Family Services: (877) 595-0384
Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), Medicaid, Food Stamps.

Commission on Human Relations: (850) 488-7082
Department of Transportation (DOT) Construction: (813) 975-6016
Main Office (Tampa): (813) 975-6000
Florida Highway Patrol: (727) 469-5959
Florida Fish & Wildlife/Marine Enforcement: (863) 648-3200
Medicaid: (866) 762-2237

Pinellas Tax Collector: (727) 464-7777

  • 1663 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd.
  • 29399 U.S. Hwy 19 N.

Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD): (800) 836-0797


Jolley Trolley: (727) 445-1200
The trolley is an alternative means of transportation from Clearwater Beach to Tarpon Springs.

Clearwater Ferry: (727) 755-0297
Clearwater Airpark: (727) 443-3433
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA): (727) 540-1800
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD): (727) 540-0603

PSTA Administration: (727) 540-1800

St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport: (727) 453-7800

Utilities & Services

Cable, Telephone and Internet

Spectrum: (866) 309-3279
Frontier: (800) 483-4200

City Cemetery: (727) 562-4093
Burial information

Utility Customer Service: (727) 562-4600
New service and billing questions for city of Clearwater utilities: gas, reclaimed water, recycling, sewer, solid waste, stormwater and water. Account turn-ons/turn-offs.

Electric Service (Duke Energy): (727) 443-2641
Power Outages: (800) 228-8485

Clearwater Gas System: (727) 562-4980
New propane or natural gas service for residential or commercial customers.

Grease Management: (727) 562-4994 ext. 2

Utilities: (727) 562-4960
Sewage, Water, Reclaimed Water

Garbage Collection: (727) 562-4920
Recycling: (727) 562-4933

Vehicle & Boat Registration

Pinellas County: (727) 464-7777

Voting & Elections

Supervisor of Elections: (727) 464-8683
Voter Registration Information: (727) 464-8683

Wildlife Rescue & Animal Control

Alligators: (866) 392-4286
Animal Abuse: (727) 797-7722
Humane Society of Pinellas: (727) 797-7722
Animal Control Services: (727) 582-2600

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: (727) 441-1790
Sea turtles; rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals

Dead Animal in Roadway - Clearwater Streets Only: (727) 562-4920
County Roads: (727) 464-8900
State roads (Broad Spectrum): (954) 776-4300

Florida Fish & Wildlife/Marine Enforcement: (888) 404-3922
All wild animals

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA): (727) 586-3591
Seaside Seabird Sanctuary: (727) 391-6211

Can't find the department you need?

If you're still not sure who to reach, contact the Public Communications Department at (727) 562-4682.

You can also try using our A - Z Index or search our website.