Commercial Trash Collection Information

Truck with a dumpster

Below is information about trash and recycling services for Clearwater commercial customers.

Roll-Off Service

The Solid Waste Department provides complete roll-off service for all 10 to 40-cubic-yard open-top containers and compactors.

We offer competitive rates and prompt, professional service. For more information or to request service, call (727) 562-4920.

Dumpster Guidelines

  • Dumpsters that are visible at ground level from any public right-of-way or adjacent property must be concealed in a gated enclosure with a reinforced concrete pad. Enclosures must be constructed so the Dumpster is accessible to users and refuse collection trucks, and must conform to city of Clearwater specifications. For assistance or questions, call (727) 562-4920.
  • Do not block Dumpster enclosures with vehicles or other obstructions.
  • Do not overload containers or place objects on top of closed lids.
  • Cut pipes or boards into short lengths so they will not stick out of or become wedged in the container.
  • Do not place the following materials in the container: concrete, dirt, sod, sand, plaster or other heavy building materials, electronics, paint, tar, hot ashes, flammable/hazardous/biomedical waste, auto batteries or tires.
  • Drain and wrap wet garbage prior to placing in the container.

Commercial Container Service & Repair

Call the Solid Waste Department at (727) 562-4920 to report containers needing service or repair. Provide the ID number painted on the container's front and the service address. Describe the type of damage or service that is needed. Ensure container is easily accessible on day of scheduled repair or service.

Commercial Recycling

The Solid Waste/Recycling department creates a recycling program tailored to each business by sending a supervisor to visit the site and perform an on-site evaluation. The department is proud to offer a variety of recycling dumpster sizes and cart clusters in order to provide service to businesses large and small. Program rates vary depending on container size and frequency of pick-up. In many cases, recycling will result in savings over the solid waste rates. Call (727) 562-4920 for information.


yes to cardboard; no to plastics

If businesses choose a recycling program with a cardboard dumpster, nothing but cardboard should be placed in that dumpster. This means no Styrofoam, plastic packaging or plastic bags should be in that dumpster. Clean cardboard is collected and processed separately from mixed recyclables, and the city appreciates all efforts to recycle properly.