Motel Business Parking Permit Program

Parking lot - closeup

Qualifying Motel Business Permits may be issued to motel business owners who have no parking for their motel guests. All motels with an address on North Mandalay Avenue that have fewer parking spaces than rooms would be eligible. The number of permits issued would equal the number of motel rooms the owner listed on the Business Tax Receipt, less the number of parking spaces listed for that address.

Requirements for Motel Business Permits

  • Business owner to provide current copy of business tax receipt (BTR)
  • Business owner submits official request, printed on business letterhead stationery which includes business name, address and telephone number stating the following:
    • Number of rooms that need parking
    • Statement verifying guest parking is not otherwise available and that the above information is in fact true and accurate
    • The business owner, general manager or business owner designee must sign letter

Costs & General Regulations

Annual permits may be purchased at $500 plus tax where applicable (only $1.37 per day). Replacement permits (same expiration date) for lost/stolen permits would cost $100 each, if the lost permit number is provided. It is the motel owner's responsibility to assign/collect the permits from their guests as they check in/out. The original permit must be displayed. Any vehicle displaying a copy of a Motel Permit will be ticketed. No exceptions. Monthly rentals, cottages or vacation rentals do not qualify. These permits are designated for short-term guest parking only.

BTR renewals start annually in October; the parking permits issued will be valid from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 each year. When the motel owner renews their Business Tax Receipt each year, they will need to reapply for the Motel Parking Permit.

Available Locations

The permit would be valid at the select locations listed below. This permit does not guarantee a parking space. All spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Mandalay Avenue (street spaces only), north of Baymont Street (metered, timed, marked spaces)
  • Lot 38 - Clearwater Beach Aquatic & Recreation Center Lot (west side, non-reserved only)
  • Lot 39 - McKay Field Lot (lot parking only)

Permit Issuance

Upon receipt of the formal request the Parking System staff will physically go to the address and verify the number of parking spaces listed on the business tax receipt records.


Abuse of this permit program or any other city of Clearwater Code/Ordinance violation can result in the city of Clearwater's revoking the Motel Business Parking Permit privileges (no refunds).