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Affordable Housing and Community Development

  • Telephone(727) 562-4030

Our mission is to provide quality affordable housing and community services to the citizens of Clearwater. Our department provides a variety of programs and services and makes connections to resources aimed at improving the economic and socio-economic conditions of Clearwater residents.


  • Telephone(727) 562-4545

The objective of the City Audit Department is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services to assist the organization achieve its mission and continuously improve operations. The City Audit Department achieves this by employing a systematic, disciplined, risk-based approach to measure the effectiveness of the risk management, control, and governance processes.

City Attorney

  • Telephone(727) 562-4010

The objective of the City Attorney’s Office is to provide timely, cost-efficient, quality services and advice to support the City Council, the city manager, and the city departments, boards and agencies in fulfilling their missions and goals: and to advance, advocate and safeguard the interests of the city within the bounds of the law.

City Clerk

  • Telephone(727) 562-4093

The Official Records and Legislative Services Department is the custodian of the city's current and historical knowledge. It is the city's objective to receive, organize, maintain, preserve and disseminate this knowledge.

City Manager's Office

  • Telephone(727) 562-4040

The objective of the City Manager’s Office is to support the Mayor and City Council's vision, mission and strategic direction to ensure that the Clearwater government provides the municipal services and infrastructure necessary for a high quality of life for all our citizens.

Community Redevelopment Agency

  • Telephone(727) 562-4039

The Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a dependent taxing district established by City government for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the tax base, creating and retaining employment opportunities, and encouraging public and private investments in the CRA.

Economic Development

  • Telephone(727) 562-4220
  • Alternate Phone(727) 562-4045

The city of Clearwater’s Economic Development Division is committed to supporting the economic growth and vitality of our community with comprehensive support services that fosters an inclusive, pro-business climate.

Emergency Management

  • Telephone(727) 562-4334 ext. 3205
  • Alternate Phone(727) 562-4363

The Emergency Management department provides information on things such as hurricane preparedness, red tide, and COVID-19.

Finance & Budget

  • Telephone(727) 562-4530

The Finance Department encompasses all accounting, financing, purchasing and treasury activities within the city. It includes commercial accounts payable, cash disbursements, custody and recording of revenues accruing to the city, debt management, investment activities, review of the financial activities of city functions, pension administration, and more.

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