Finance & Budget

Finance Department

The Finance Department encompasses all accounting, financing, purchasing and treasury activities within the city. It includes commercial accounts payable, cash disbursements, custody and recording of revenues accruing to the city, debt management, investment activities, review of the financial activities of city functions, pension administration, maintenance and operation of the computerized financial records system, financial reporting, and payroll operations. The department is ultimately responsible for ensuring that accounting transactions are properly recorded and maintains all official accounting records.

The objective of the Finance Department is to serve the Citizens of Clearwater with effective coordination of the fiscal management of the city by efficiently providing timely, responsive, and comprehensive financial planning, support services and reporting to all city departments, the city management team, the City Council, and our citizens.

These Finance Department objectives further the City Council’s Strategic Direction of providing cost effective municipal services and infrastructure. They address the Council’s Strategic Direction objectives of efficiency and financial responsibility via the Finance and Office of Management and Budget programs and the objectives of financial responsibility and safety via the Risk Management program. 

Procurement & Contracts

Vendor Information

The city of Clearwater Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal grants online access to:

  • View and submit bids and enter commodity information
  • Track payment process and check issuance
  • View purchase orders, contracts, invoices and 1099 data
  • Maintain and update contact information  

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