We Care Fund

Help a neighbor poster

Please take a moment to reflect upon how fortunate you are – and consider how some of our neighbors are not as fortunate. A sudden illness, loss of a job, or other difficulties can cause financial setbacks – especially for folks just trying to make ends meet.

Each day, our Utility Customer Service team meets residents who, through no fault of their own, have encountered hardships that make paying for basic utilities a challenge. That’s where the City of Clearwater’s We Care Fund comes in.

Each year since 1992, Clearwater Utility Customer Service and people like you have helped hundreds of our neighbors by contributing to the We Care Fund. Contributions are administered by the local Salvation Army, to provide temporary assistance to eligible customers of the City of Clearwater utilities. Because hardships know no season, we see people throughout the year who need temporary assistance in paying for their city of Clearwater utility bills. We urge you to reach out to our community and contribute to the We Care Fund.

Your continuing gift of just a dollar or two each month can mean so much to someone just struggling to get by.

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