Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the services/responsibilities of the Human Resources Department?

    The Human Resources Department has responsibility for basic personnel functions of the City of Clearwater. The City Charter provides that there shall be a civil service merit system for classified employees, such system to provide the means to recruit, select, develop and maintain an effective and responsive work force with all appointments based on merit and fitness. The Department also participates in programs for unclassified employees, including recruitment, pay and benefits administration and other personnel program components.
  • How do I apply for a position with the City of Clearwater?

    The City of Clearwater accepts applications only for positions that are currently posted (you may also call the City's HR Office (727) 562-4870 x0). To apply for a listed position, visit our website, find and click on the title of the position you are interested in and complete the application. After submitting, you will receive notification that your application has been received.
  • What are the requirements to apply for a Police position?

    Applicants applying for a Police position must meet the following requirements:

    1. Applicant must be a Florida-certified or certifiable law enforcement officer, must have a two-year college degree or 60 semester college credit hours from an accredited institution, and must meet all the requirements of F.S. 943.13.
    2. Applicants may apply through the Police Applicant Screening Service, which is located at 3200 34th Street South, St. Petersburg, 727-864-3822. There is a fee for processing through P.A.S.S.
    • P.A.S.S. takes a short application and sets the applicant up for written exam.
    • If the applicant passes the written exam, a comprehensive Personal History Form is completed to continue processing.
    • The applicant is scheduled for an administrative interview and returns the Personal History form at that time.
    • Upon successful completion of the administrative interview, a formal interview is scheduled with P.A.S.S.
    • Upon completion of the formal interview, a background investigation begins.
    1. If the applicant is interested specifically in employment with the Clearwater Police Department, he/she must notify P.A.S.S. of this request.
    2. The Clearwater Police Department Personnel Sergeant reviews the files once a month and identifies eligible candidates.
    3. Letters are sent to applicants informing them of their status.
    4. When positions open within the organization, the Clearwater Police Department will conduct its own formal interview process and will make recommendations to the Chief of Police.
    5. Once a conditional offer of employment is made, the applicant completes a city application and is scheduled for a psychological exam, medical physical exam, physical fitness exam and a polygraph exam.
  • What are the requirements to apply for a Firefighter position?

    Applicants applying for a Firefighter position must meet the following requirements:

    • Possession of a current State of Florida Firefighter Certification and a current State of Florida Emergency Medical Technician Certification or better
    • Possession of a valid driver's license
    • Must be at least 18 years old
    • High school graduate or equivalent
    • No record of a conviction of a felony or a conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude
    • Able to meet and maintain departmental requirements of health, physical and mental condition
    • Individuals hired as Firefighters are required to establish and/or maintain a bona fide residence in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco or Hernando County.
    • Applicants must not have used any form of tobacco products for one year prior to the date of State of Florida Firefighter certification.

    To be hired, applicants must complete the following steps:

    1. Submit completed application with valid Firefighter and EMT/Paramedic certifications attached to Human Resources.
    2. Be interviewed by the Fire Chief in accordance with Civil Service procedures.
    3. Have fingerprints taken and on file.
    4. Pass a medical exam, meet health standards prescribed by Florida Statutes, Chapter 4A-37.
    5. Pass a drug test.

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