Check Out a Beach Wheelchair


Clearwater values accessibility for all to enjoy the bright and beautiful waters of Clearwater Beach.

That's why we provide manual and motorized beach wheelchairs for our visitors with special needs.


Step 1.Go to Clearwater Fire & Rescue Lifeguard Tower 0

Step 2.Request a Wheelchair from a Lifeguard

The beach wheelchairs are distributed by the Clearwater Beach Lifeguards. A lifeguard's first priority is to protect patrons of Clearwater Beach and provide emergency rescue service. If a wheelchair request is made while a safety activity is in progress, please be patient as you may experience a delay in gaining use of the wheelchair. 

The power and manual beach wheelchairs are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted. 

Step 3.Complete a Beach Wheelchair Liability Release Form

Complete the Beach Wheelchair Liability Release Form and leave a valid driver’s license or I.D. to hold until the chair is returned. You may leave your personal wheelchair or device at Lifeguard Tower 0 while using a beach wheelchair.