Public Utilities

RO Plant #2

Emergency Service

To report an emergency, such as a gas leak or a water main break, call (727) 462-6633.

What We Do

The Public Utilities Department provides our community with safe drinking water, an environmentally proactive wastewater collection system, and treated wastewater to very high standards. This helps us to provide reclaimed water to our customers for reuse in the community. We operate and maintain the city’s water wells and water treatment plants, water storage and distribution system, wastewater collection and transport systems, water reclamation facilities, and reclaimed water system. We also enforce the city’s industrial pretreatment ordinance and ensure compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and State of Florida’s environmental regulations.

Join Our Team!

Clearwater's Public Utilities Department is a great place to build a lifelong career and positively impact the community's health and water needs. Treating and maintaining the city's water systems is some of the most important work we do in Clearwater, and you can be a part of our team. See a listing of the city's open jobs.

Meet one of our water professionals, Carl Allison, and find out what he likes about working for the city.

Our Team of Professionals

The city is proud of the dedication and expertise of our team of utility professionals who serve our customers and keep our systems operating efficiently and cost-effectively. It is our pledge to maintain increased productivity, controlled costs and improved customer service. It is our continuing endeavor to serve the public by providing customers with high quality, safe and efficient services, while promoting conservation and responsible management of resources.

Department Head

Rich Gardner, P.E.