City Auditor

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The objective of the City Audit Department is to provide independent, objective assurance, and consulting reviews of City services to promote ethical, effective, and accountable government. We are committed to providing proactive, accurate, and fair services in a friendly, professional manner.

In promoting the City’s Strategic Direction of continuously measuring and improving our performance and practicing responsible financial management, the City Audit Department, being an integral part of the City of Clearwater with unrestricted scope of work and having no authority or responsibility for the activities audited, employs a systematic, disciplined approach to examine, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and processes. This is achieved through continuously assessing risks, and conducting compliance, financial, and operational audits of City business activities, with resulting recommendations being informative and advisory.

The City Auditor fulfills this task by performing department audits, internal control reviews, revenue audits, cash and inventory testing, financial, compliance and operational audits, and information service reviews throughout the year at the request of the City Council, city management, a city department, or residents.